Competing Every Day

It began with a vision about energy optimization. Next we subjected our standard oven to the toughest scrutiny ever. Sveba Dahlen's R&D Manager tells us about the idea behind energy efficiency and how the conecpt became profitable for users and a benefit to the environment.

How far can we reduce energy consumption? Can we squeeze energy input, reduce baking time and still achieve high quality, baked goods? There were many challenges in making Sveba Dahlen's energy vision a reality. 
"When we got started, energy thinking in our industry had some catching up to do. We wanted to reduce energy costs and make things more economical for bakers", says the R&D Manager at Sveba Dahlen.

Tracing energy losses
The products was launched in 2012. By then, the products were optimal in energy terms as a result of extremely thorough development work.
"We began by taking our standard ovens and performing a detailed inspection using heat cameras and different sensors to detect where the energy losses were".

Cheaper means tastier
Development work on energy efficiency did not stop there. Now the concept includes better ergonomics, quieter products and judicious material choices that mean almost everything can be recycled. Another priority was to provide users with tools that not only reduced energy costs, but alos allow the economics of baking to be monitored and controlled.
"Our end customers can immediately see what a bread roll or baguette has cost to bake. And we also achieve our goal of reducing costs while maintaining and even improving the quality of baking."
"We have taken the lead on the energy side, but our efforts here are never ending. Resting on our laurels is the quickest way to lose, so Sveba Dahlen dedicates staff to work constantly to ensure our ovens achieves even better results. I suppose you could say we compete against ourselves every day."

Competing - Sveba Dahlen