Electric Tunnel Oven - Artista Deli

Electric Tunnel Oven Artista Deli with stone hearth belt
Tunnel Oven Fossil-free- electric with stone belt and 3 sections, Artista Deli Sveba Dahlen
Small electric tunnel oven with high capacity for restaurants and bakeries pizza bread 1 section Artista Deli Sveba Dahlen
Electric tunnel oven Artista Deli with 2 sections Sveba Dahlen
Tunnel Oven with high capacity for pizzeria, pizzaria, restaurants bakeries stone baked pizza and bread Sveba Dahlen
Buy flexible tunnel oven for growing businesses modular design perforated steel belt Sveba Dahlen
Tunnel oven with solid steel belt flexible baking production Artista Deli Sveba Dahlen
Stone baked bread with Sveba Dahlen mini tunnel oven Artista Deli
Bake stone baked pizza, bread, naan bread, pitta and more with Sveba Dahlen tunnel oven Artista Deli
Buy Sveba Dahlen tunnel oven Artista Deli high temperature baking 450°C 842°F Middleby

Artista Deli is a electric tunnel oven with small physical footprint, high baking capacity and baking temperatures up to 450°C / 842°F. This is an extremely flexible oven able to bake everything from bread to pizza, with an emphasis on precision and consistent baking results. Thanks to its modular design, both capacity and concepts can be expanded later on. Perfect for restaurants, bakeries and businessess that plans to grow!

The Artista Deli electric tunnel oven makes perfect stone-baked pizza as well as other products, such as free-form or tinned loaves, focaccia, flatbread, pita bread, Arabic bread, Persian bread, naan bread and more, while remaining energy efficient and staying true to artisanal traditions. The oven can even produce products with, say, the bakery’s logo or slogan on the bottom! 

This tunnel oven is an extremely flexible solution and is actually three ovens in one as the accompanying stone hearth belt can be switched for a perforated or solid steel belt. As a result, the oven can reduce future investments while also covering a larger share of a bakery’s production, enabling an increase in overall flexibility, capacity and results using only the Sveba Dahlen Artista Deli.

The oven is completely fossil-free and, since it runs on electricity, has a small carbon footprint. It is made in Sweden, Scandinavia from robust materials, and its modular system minimizes waste during production. The Artista Deli is energy efficient since it only uses the energy that is actually needed during the active baking time. This means that the Artista Deli streamlines the flow in the bakery by minimizing manual tasks and increasing production volumes compared with a traditional deck oven. This process completely replaces baking in traditional pizza and bakery ovens, resulting in a less labor-intensive baking process. The results are also excellent, on a par with genuine, handcrafted pizza. The difference is that Artista Deli always turns out consistently baked products, with exactly the results set by the baker. Every day, all year round!

Modular design

Modular expandable design sveba dahlen

Heating System

Stone Hearth

Sveba Dahlen Stone hearth baking deck oven

Energy Efficiency

Low maintenance costs

Fossil-free operation

Electric energy source.


3-in-1 oven – switchable oven belt
The option of switching the hearth stone belt for a perforated or solid steel belt. Same chain and operating system for all belts. The oven belt is 90 cm wide. 

  • Stone hearth belt: High-quality hearth stones adapted for stone-baked products and baking at high temperatures. Provides optimal heat transfer, even baking results and crispy bases. Sectional stone belt with individual stones easily replaced if necessary.
  • Perforated steel belt: For baking free-form loaves. Perforated belt for high heat flow and high-rise loaves.
  • Steel belt: Solid, smooth steel belt for baking products with sweeter doughs. 
    Also produces moister, flatter, low-rise products. Add, say, the company’s logo or slogan to the steel belt to produce products with the desired message on the bottom.

Heating system 
Each oven section is equipped with one heating zone with individual control over both top and bottom heat. This gives the baker full control over the oven’s heat settings and the baking process to ensure the optimum baking results. To avoid power peaks when starting the oven, the user-friendly panel enables the baker to easily start each of the oven’s heating zones, as well as the top and bottom heat, sequentially. The turbo function offers the baker greater flexibility in their baking, in terms of both time and color. The turbo function also provides shorter heating and baking times and lower energy consumption.

Dampers for optimum baking results
Each oven section is equipped with a damper that is easily opened/closed to regulate the moisture content of the oven. Adjust the air flow to ensure the desired baking results. Less moisture means more crust and crispier pastries.

Modular design
Option to increase oven capacity and baking area by adding up to a total of three oven sections with 1,35 m2 of extra baking area per section, with a maximum baking area of 4,02 m2. The modular section system with separate infeed, outfeed and oven sections enables rapid installation and easy handling. Plug and play! 

High quality and low maintenance costs
Well-proven components, durable stainless steel and rust-resistant materials for the oven and a painted base ensure an oven with a long service life. The oven’s well-considered design makes it easy to clean while also ensuring low maintenance costs and simple servicing. Impressive industrial quality and capacity for continuous baking around the clock.

Control panel
User-friendly control panel with touch screen and intuitive operation. Settings for heating zones, belt speed and more. Freestanding control panel that can be placed anywhere near the oven.

Energy efficient
The Artista Deli bakes energy efficiently. During the actual baking time, the oven uses an average of about 30–45% of the installed power.  

Service kit
The oven comes with a service kit containing the following parts: Five replacement stones for the stone hearth belt, spare blind rivets, a riveting tool, a custom drill bit 
and a bottle of chain lubricant.


Extra oven belt
Perforated or solid steel belt. Add alternative belts for the flexible production of varied end products. 

Turbo function 
For faster heating to the desired baking temperature as well as a shorter baking time.

Steam system
Powerful and high capacity. A welcome complement to the stone hearth belt when making stone-baked bread. Gives the bread extra volume as well as a crispy crust. 

Mobile control panel 
Freestanding control panel that can be placed anywhere near the oven.

Shared control panel
Custom control panel/control panel for communication or synchronization between an Artista Deli tunnel oven and other machines on the production line.

Loading/unloading conveyor
Conveyors for infeed and outfeed for improved production flow. 

Extra oven stones
Extra stone hearths for stone hearth belt.

Oven belt with custom slogan
Refine the end product with a logo or text. Unique oven steel belt with the company’s slogan to enhance the value of the end product.

Key features

Sveba Dahlen Tunnel oven Artista Deli offers flexible baking, bake a variety of products

Flexible baking

High temperature tunnel oven Artista Deli can be equipped with stone hearth belt, solid steel belt or perforated steel belt.

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Buy high quality electric tunnel oven Artista Deli with modular design 1 to 3 sections from Sveba Dahlen

Modular design

The Artista Deli tunnel oven is assembled in sections to enable rapid installation and the addition of more oven sections later on.

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Artista Deli Tunnel Oven with user-friendly control panel with touch display

User-friendly control panel

The Artista Deli Tunnel Oven is equipped with a user-friendly control panel with touch screen and intuitive operation. Settings for heating zones, belt speed and more.

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Technical Specifications

  AD1 AD2 AD3
Number of oven sections 1 2 3
Conveyor belt W × L, (mm)  900 x 2400 900  x 3900 900  x 5400
Magazine, oven belt, (mm)  900 x 48 x 20 900 x 48 x 20 900 x 48 x 20
Baking area, (m²) 1,35 m2 2,68 m2 4,02 m2
Internal oven height, (mm) 155 155 155
Sectional dimensions, oven, (mm) 1729 x 1462 x 1643  1729 x 1462 x 1643  1729 x 1462 x 1643 
External dimensions incl. infeed/outfeed without side-mounted electrical cabinet - 
W × L × H (mm)
1729 x  2824 x 1643 1729 x  4324 x 1643 1729 x  5824 x 1643
External dimensions incl. infeed/outfeed and side-mounted electrical cabinet – 
W × L × H (mm)
- - 2021 x  5824 x 2403
Max temp. °C 450°C  450°C  450°C 
approx. heating time, min * 30 min 30 min 30 min
approx. baking time, pizza, Ø28 cm, sec ** 60 sek 60 sek 60 sek
approx. number of pizzas per hour ** 500 pcs 1000 pcs 1500 pcs
Power kW [1] 54 kW 120 kW 198 kW
Average consumption, kW/h [2] 21.6 kW/h 48 kW/h 79.2 kW/h
Weight (kg) 1500 2500 3500

* The heating time depends on the desired baking temperature. In the above example, the heating time is for 450°C.

** The baking time and number of products vary depending on what is to be baked and any toppings. The above example is based on Ø28 cm pizzas with cheese and tomato sauce.

[1] Depending on voltage

[2] During continuous baking. Approx. 40% of installed power.