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The Sveba Dahlen I love pizza competition is settled!

The WINNER is chosen! Tom Gu, Pizza Marzano, Shanghai is the winner of the #ilovepizza t-shirt competition. The jury has agreed that Tom Gu is the winner as he not only has an inspiring pizza in the shape of a star, but also took a well thought out picture where the background matches the star shape of the pizza. And probably this pizza is very tasteful, since the stars in the background let us know that this is a restaurant that knows how to bake delicious pizza!

We are super excited to taste Tom’s pizza with salmon, asparagus, and lemon in the future. And to do the star shape made by Tom. Aren’t you?

The price, the Baking Brilliance N-Series oven is on its way to Shanghai. Congratulations on winning, Tom!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the t-shirt competition. You all have tagged us a lot of fantastic pictures with pizzas. In the video you find some of the contributions. Keep on following us!

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winner of the sveba dahlen ilovepizza competition Tom Gu from Pizza Marzano in Shanghai, China
Winner of the Sveba Dahlen ilovepizza competition Tom Gu from Pizza Marzano in Shanghai, China

Conquer the world with YOUR PIZZA together with Sveba Dahlen and get the chance to win an N-Series oven!

We invite you to a great campaign in which you can easily participate in your own social media! Through the campaign, we want to draw attention to the love and the community around pizzas, established in various forms all over the world. We hope to see many great photos of proud pizza bakers in social media pizza channels in the future!


How to participate in the campaign

To participate, you need to be a professional pizza baker and take a selfie wearing an #ilovepizza t-shirt. There must be at least one pizza or pizza oven in the photo. You post the picture on your own Instagram or Facebook account under #ilovepizza. You must also include @svebadahlen to participate in the oven competition.


ALWAYS use these tags when posting: #ilovepizza #svebadahlen @svebadahlen

You can participate with as many pictures as you like, and you can also lend your t-shirt to other pizza bakers who want to participate but have not received a t-shirt.


Who's going to win the oven?

The oven goes to the one with the best-looking post according to the information about participation above. The best-looking post is named by the unanimous decision of a jury consisting of representatives from Sveba Dahlen's marketing department, Åsa Ericsson and Robert Bäckman, as well as our key account manager for pizza ovens, Mikael Lundgren. The jury's decision cannot be appealed.


Important to know!

Participants' posted photos may be used by Sveba Dahlen and Sveba Dahlen's partners for marketing purposes.


Practical information

To participate in the campaign, you need to register your interest and your t-shirt size, as well as your full name and postal address, by sending an email to
You will then receive a t-shirt of the specified size. The number of t-shirts is limited, which is why it's first-come, first-served. It doesn't cost anything to participate.

You can also contact your distributor for more information and a t-shirt.


How do we find out who won and gets the oven?

Sveba Dahlen will announce the winner in their Facebook social media channels Sveba Dahlen, Facebook Sveba Dahlen Pizza and Instagram Svebadahlen official as well as at and in January 2022. The winner must then confirm that they've seen the announcement by contacting Sveba Dahlen. The winner therefore needs to follow Sveba Dahlen so as not to miss the announcement. Sveba Dahlen will also tag the winner in the post for announcing the winner.

The campaign starts on August 16 and ends on December 31, 2021.


Information about the prize

Compact baking brilliance! The N-Series is a combined pizza and deck oven in a bench model that gives the same great baking results as a large oven. Equipped with an optimized steam system, stone sole and sheet metal grille. Plug & play! More information online. EUR 2900 value. Any profits tax is paid by the winner.

I love pizza Riccardo Birghillotti Mike Arvblom #ilovepizza campaign pizza oven Sveba Dahlen
Riccardo Birghillotti and Mike Arvblom with their a wonderful pizzas. #ilovepizza #svebadahlen @svebadahlen



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