Belt Proofers, also called Fermantation lines, are manufactured in one or two level versions, and the size is always calculated based on customer needs and the premises.

Industrial Belt Proofers

Sveba Dahlen has over 50 years of experience of manufacturing Belt Proofers / Fermentation Lines. The Belt Proofers are manufactured in one or two level versions, and the size is calculated in view of the capacity requrements and the layout of the customers premises. The maximum belt width is 4 meters. A modular plastic belt is commonly selected where tins or plates are used. The fermentation tunnel is well insulated with cellular plastic and lined externally and internally with aluminium sheets or plastic. Most of the side panels can easily be removed to faciliate cleaning of the belt.

Industrial Belt Proofer

Main attributes for Belt Proofers

  • One or several climate zones, which control the temperature and humidity inside.
  • Strong insulation makes the Belt Proofer energy efficient.
  • The internal framework is made in stainless steel and the air ducts are made in aluminium.
  • Almost every side cover on both sides is easily removable for cleaning of the line.
  • The Belt Proofer length and width coordinates to the size of the Tunnel Oven.

Proofer Belts

  • Woven textile belt.
  • Plastic modular belt.
  • Solid steel belt.


Rotating belt brush.
For textile belt.

Cleaning station.
For modular plastic belt.