Marine Bakery Solutions

True Quality Marine Bakery Equipment

The Sveba Dahlen marine range is manufactured according to USPHS. The products are adapted to the demands in marine environments, designed to give good function and durability during many years of use. Choose between rack ovens, deck ovens and pizza ovens. We also offer dough handling equipment, bread lines and proofers. With Sveba Dahlen it is easy to set up a perfectly running bakery, both ashore and offshore!

All of Sveba Dahlen’s ovens are models with high efficiency hardware, energy optimized software and long lasting materials. The optimized software reduces the energy consumption markedly and achieves an energy saving of at least 35%. Walls, floor and oven door are extra well insulated, which means that the heat stays inside the oven. This in turn gives a more comfortable climate in the premises and savings in the overall economy. We are also proud to present our world class electrical ovens without any fossil fuel combustion, which means that they are more environmentally friendly. Amazing, flexible ovens with low energy consumption, fantastic baking results, with clean energy! Our machines are also mainly recyclable, about 96% of the components in our machines can be recycled, since they mainly consist of steel and other metals.

Marine Sales
Contact Marine: Jonas Berglund.
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