Mechanical Constructor

The everyday life of a constructor consists of delivering solutions! Solutions that make everyday life easier for our customers around the world. Constructors work in teams consisting of electrical and mechanical designers and project managers, but they also work alone, figuring out innovative solutions and creating precise drawings in CAD. Drawings are essential for the product to be manufactured. For this reason, it is extremely important that they are accurate, down to the smallest component.

As Constructors at Sveba Dahlen, we work with product development as well as product improvement. The Constructor is also involved in customer-specific solutions. In Fristad , we also have a staffed experimental workshop where prototypes are built and where tests are carried out on new machines and solutions for which the Constructor is responsible.

Constructors also have an information-providing role to other departments in the company, since no one knows the product and its benefits and structure better than its creator!

Most of the working day is spent at the office. The position includes remaining constantly abreast of innovative developments and acquiring customer information – everything needed to improve, develop and modernize our baking machines.

-    “Perhaps, the best thing about my job is to develop products that our customers like. Finding a solution that is only found there and that the user takes for granted, but which is actually absolutely necessary for the overall experience. For example, take the handle on an oven that you don’t burn yourself on. Or a lifting hook that saves many lifts and thus bodies”, says Johan Brissman, mechanical constructor for the Sveba Dahlen brand.