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Together with Middleby Worldwide, we offer complete individually adapted industrial solutions for industrial bakery production and food processing.

Below the Middleby brand you find world famous brands serving the global market with proven and state-of-the-art solutions. With production lines installed worldwide in more than 100 countries and a total of over 700 years of baking experience, Middleby is the world leader in the supply of thermal equipment and complete systems to produce breads, rolls, cakes, biscuits, crackers and more.

We offer solutions for the entire bakery chain, from mixing to shaping, processing, baking, packaging, and cooling. Middleby's complete solutions offers machines from our well-qualified and well-known brands with optimal solutions for industrial production. All parts of the production line from only one partner makes it easy to develop the optimal, customized, industrial bakery solution. We do not only offer every part of the production line - but we also offer quality, reliability, and security!

Find the presentation of the Middleby Bakery Group brands and how we can support below.

Middleby bakery where innovation lines up
Middleby bakery where innovation lines up

How it works

When contacting the Area Sales Manager for Northern Europe with an inquiry, the process begins. Together with Middleby experts, Master Bakers and your company, a customized solution is put together. The set-up is taking your bakery’s requirements regarding what products and which volumes that are to be produced in consideration. All to achieve the ultimate baking result already during the planning stage.

When it comes to bakery equipment, we cover it all; dough make-up lines, proofing solutions, baking in professional, high performing ovens, optimized cooling and freezing, and of course also the important packaging – together with us a complete solution is achievable. If necessary, we also do test bakes with your dough.

With decades of deep baking industry and technical expertise, we bring food processing insight, best practices, breakthrough and disruptive equipment solutions and systems innovation together. We consistently provide on-time deliveries, smooth startups, and optimized processes, all of which ultimately equate to very favorable returns on investment.

Contact Middleby Northern Europe

Johan Larsson Middleby sales manager northern europe contact Sveba Dahlen

Johan Larsson

Area Sales Manager Middleby Northern Europe

Phone: +46 33 15 15 86
Mobile Phone: +46 705 83 45 80
Email: jlarsson@middlebyeurope.com

Johan from Sveba Dahlen has been working in the bakery business since 19 years. Johan is also a former baker with lots of knowledge about the baking industry. Shortly, Johan will find the best solution for your bakery!

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