Industrial bakery equipment with complete system solutions

Baker Thermal Solutions offers an unmatched breadth of industrial bakery equipment with system solutions executed worldwide. Baker Thermal Solutions is well known for its Tunnel- and Tray Ovens. On the proofing side of its product portfolio mostly known is the Templex proofer with a unique design that offers a compact automated solution as well as a tray proofer with many configurations.

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Baking Systems

Baker Thermal Solutions has three standard types of ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Tunnel Ovens and Tray Ovens. They also offer custom oven solutions. 

Conveyor Oven

This durable oven is designed to improve bake uniformity. By reversing the pans, every part of the pan is presented to exactly the same baking conditions. The result is a very even bake. The conveyor oven is offered in a variety of configurations including the figure 8 and the traditional down spiral. The oven can be supplied with a vectored air tube system or air turbulence fans.


Tunnel Oven

The 960 Tunnel Oven is a very adaptable Tunnel Oven with high reliability and bake quality. The 960 Tunnel Oven combines maximum adaptability with rugged design. It is covering a broad range of production requirements, the 960 excels at baking bread, rolls, cakes and pies. It has a simple straight-thru design and simple loading and unloading. It is also capable of handling many different pan varieties and does not require special pans.


Tray Ovens

Baker Thermal Solutions offers robust high quality Tray Ovens, the 970 tray oven and the 935 tray oven. Bakes a broad range of products such as bread, buns, sweet goods and other panned products. Spacesaving and modular design which speeds up installation time. Robust ovens with long durability. Manages pans up to 9625 mm. 


Baker Thermal Solutions makes a wide variety of proofer styles. They can provide standard or custom  solutions for the products you bake.

Conveyor Proofer

  • Figure “8” proofer design.
  • Single Oval proofer design. 
  • Double Oval proofer design.

Offering a wide variety of proofers ensure system layout flexibility. All products travel along the same proofing path. Continuous smooth metered loading and unloading at convenient elevations.


Rack Proofer

Automatic proofer for bread, rolls and sweet goods with 5, 7 or 10 shelves per rack, 650 mm, 800 mm or 950 mm deep shelves, carries panned product in racks up to 4064 mm wide, traveling in a captive circuit. The high-loading rack density and tightly controlled transport circuit make it the most space-efficient, floor-standing proofer available.

Product Handling

Baker Thermal Solutions offers a variety of product handling systems from depanners and conveyors to feed products to your cooler and conveyors to feed product to your slicers and baggers. They also offers Vacuum Depanners for bread, buns and combination baked goods. The Baker Product Conveying Systems are made for both cooler feeds and slicer feeds.



Baker Thermal Solutions depanners are specifically designed to remove bread, buns and other products that have seeds or toppings from pans traveling through the baking process. Available in various sizes and configurations to fit customer operation.


Product Conveyors

Baker Thermal Solutions manufactures a variety of conveyor styles to fit your specific needs for conveying bread, buns and other products. These conveyor styles include horizontal switches, vertical switches and custom conveying solutions.


The Baker Thermal Solution cooler systems are very flexible regarding configuration, shapes and sizes to match the customer production line.

Race Track Style Pan Coolers

The Race Track style Pan Coolers design uses ambient conditions to cool bread and bun products while cost effectively utilizing the open space above production equipment. Configurable design, effective cooling and gentle product handling.


Product Coolers

The Baker Thermal Solution product coolers use the ambient conditions to cool products in an economic and effective way. The Product Coolers can be designed with various configurations from double oval, single oval and figure “8” and with very flexible designs such as spiral and L-shaped conveyors to fit the bakery and the building. They can also be floor or ceiling supported and can even use space over production equipment. Very flexible cooling solution for the industrial production plant.

Auto Relidder

The automatic re-lidder accepts a continuous flow of  lids from the lid conveying system and places each individual lid onto a single sandwich bread pan. The relidder can run continuously or intermittently by placing the lids on a group of pans that have been staged for automatic group load to a tray or tunnel oven or a continuous flow of pans feeding a conveyor style oven.

Pan & Lid Conveyors

Baker Thermal Solutions manufactures a variety of conveyor styles to fit you specific needs for conveying bread pans, bun pans and other pan styles.


  • Horizontal switches
  • Vertical switches
  • Custom conveying solutions