Auto-Bake automated industrial baking ovens and systems

Auto-Bake is a global designer and supplier of fully automated industrial baking ovens and systems. Internationally renowned for its innovative Serpentine technology, Auto-Bake’s compact, cost-efficient, continuous baking solutions are custom-configured for a diverse range of baking applications. Beyond cakes and pastry, Auto-Bake’s technology also excels in ready-made meals, artisan/specialty breads, and pet food.

Auto-Bake provides total customization to match all your requirements. Serpentine’s modularity, along with its small footprint, enables a fit for any factory envelope and also allows for fast installation. With Auto-Bake’s extensive product library, global knowledge, and test facilities, Auto-Bake is your partner in pursuit of perfection.

The heart of Auto-Bake's technology is the ultra-compact Serpentine oven, where trays are conveyed across multiple horizontal levels in a distinctive S-shape, achieving a footprint one-tenth the size of tunnel ovens. This space saving Serpentine technology has also been incorporated within the proofing and cooling modules, resulting in one of the most compact baking systems available today. Enormous advantages are provided over conventional technologies.

Auto-Bake offers ovens (infeed and outfeed) coolers, proofers, robotic de-panners and washers.

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Serpentine Ovens

The ultra-compact Serpentine design is based on a transport technology where pans are conveyed horizontally through the oven via an ingenious vertical ‘S’ configuration. This means the products travel through multiple precision-controlled thermal zones, providing superior baking control and consistency.

Typically one-tenth the footprint of an equivalent tunnel oven, Auto-Bake Serpentine ovens offer a crucial advantage in environments where production floor space is at a premium.

Serpentine ovens and systems offer superior flexibility, allowing product changes by simply changing pans, and ancillary tooling. Options include Auto-Bake’s standard ‘contained pan’ model, or the innovative ‘free pan’ transport interface that allows bakers to utilize baking pans that are independent of the oven or system.

Serpentine Ovens are the heart of the Auto-Bake Line.

Custom built reduced footprint in modular design for future expansion.

Consistent energy efficiency bake.

Flexible radiant or thermal zone and humidity control.


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Unprecedented control and automation levels for accurate temperature and line speed

Auto-Bake Serpentine ovens and baking systems can be supplied with varying levels of control and automation, allowing straightforward operation and recipe handling. The integration of leading control technologies with Auto-Bake ovens and continuous baking systems, provide bakers with unprecedented levels of automation and control flexibility.

Auto-Bake control and automation systems allow accurate control of temperature and line speed, while ensuring the precise monitoring of pan position and synchronization of process stages.

Fully automated systems offer touch-screen management of all baking line processes and parameters, including depositing, panning and de-panning and temperature profiles. This permits a reduction in line staffing costs, when compared with vertical and tunnel oven systems, and facilitates seamless integration of the baking line with plant-wide supervisory control systems.

Precise monitoring of tray position.

Synchronization of all process stages.

Touch screen management of all processes.

Advanced diagnostics and accurate monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring and remote access technical support available.

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Serpentine Coolers

The Auto-Bake range of modular Serpentine cooling systems provides a controlled cooling profile to ensure the highest quality final product.

Available in ambient, refrigerated and freezer configurations, all Auto-Bake cooling systems incorporate the signature Serpentine transport path, where trays are transported along multiple horizontal levels in an ‘S-shape’.

Serpentine Coolers provide a controlled environment to ensure the highest quality finish.

Custom designed and integrated serpentine transport path.

Automated De-panning and unloading systems industrial bakery auto-bake middleby

Automatic De-Panning

Automatic de-panning incorporates state-of-the-art robtics for Auto-Bake product transfer.

Ultra-sensitive, custom-configured for specific applications.

Accurate reverse de-panning positioning.

Trouble-free alignment.