Burford Practical Solutions Through Innovative Technologies

Burford produces bakery equipment of high quality and is best known for the Servo Twist Tie closure machine, the Smart Seeder and their water splitting capabilities. With equipment in almost every country Burford has a well known reputation in the industry for bread- and bun plants worldwide.

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Burford practical solutions through innovative technologies Middleby

Bag Closures

With the Burford bag closures it is very easy to improve the freshness, safety and security of baked goods. Burford offers an extensive range of closure systems. From manual feeding to fully automated units. The closures systems are designed to work with virtually all types of baggers, including vertical form and fill, horizontal and specialty baggers.

  • Entry Level Twist Tyer System
  • Servo Twist Tyer
  • Vertical Servo Twist Tyer
  • Smart Servo Twist Tyer
  • Smart Servo Tagger
  • Tamper Evident Closure System
  • Tape Closure System


Water Splitters

Burford offer a full range of water splitting systems that will allow the customer to safely score the tops of the bakery products. By cutting patterns to the bread the customer halps the baked goods to stand out from the crowd by giving them a unique look by using low pressure water.

  • Smart Pattern Splitter
  • Dual Pattern Splitter
  • High Speed Splitter
  • Pattern Cross Splitter
  • Pattern Splitter
  • Cross Splitter

Toppers and Seeders

Toppers and seeders designed especially for accurate application of seed and toppings, the Patented Burford Rotary System provides complete control and adjustability. Burford offers portable designs or conveyor mounted systems, and automatic fill and recovering systems.


Burford can provide spraying solutions for pan oiling, product flavorings, preservatives, glazes, or specialty bakery spraying applications. Prevents products from sticking or give the product that unique look by using Burford spray applicators.


Pan Shakers

Burford offers pan shakers which lets the customer achieve consistent high quality accurately placed hamburger buns, hot dog buns and mote. Positive dough correction is easily with Burford pan shakers. Perfect results every time.

  • Smart shaker.
  • Orbital pan shaker.