Customer adapted Industrial Baking Solutions

With over 400 tunnel ovens produced and delivered, many to some of the world’s most well known bakeries and food producers, Sveba Dahlen is firmly established as a leading manufacturer in the industrial bakery segment. The foundation of a Sveba Dahlen tunnel oven consists of carefully selected components that are designed for continuous production.
Sveba Dahlen tunnel ovens are known for their flexibility, energy efficiency and reliability. The modular design of both the electric and gas-heated version allows for the oven to be upgraded with additional zones, should production needs change over time. In recent years, as food culture is evolving and bakeries need higher capacity, our tunnel-ovens have become increasingly popular worldwide. 

Sveba Dahlen offer mixing systems, conveyor systems, final proofers, industrial rack ovens and tunnel ovens for different kind of products.

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Sveba Dahlen Tunnel Ovens Electric Gas Oil heated industrial production middleby

Industrial Tunnel Ovens

Sveba Dahlen offers customer adapted Tunnel Ovens of different sizes. All Sveba Dahlen Tunnel Ovens are adapted to meet the customers industrial needs. Both the Tunnel Ovens and the Rack Ovens are available as electric and gas heated. 

Both the Electrical and Indirect Gas heated Tunnel Ovens have the same user-friendly concept. Every zone is separately controlled, which gives the user maximum control of production. Desired temperature is set by temperature regulators, not by dampers and the top and bottom heat is set individually. 

The ovens can be set-up to mange most kinds of bread and pastries; loafs, tin bread, baguettes, pan pizza, meringue peaks, buns and much more.

Fossil-Free Electric Tunnel Oven

Sveba Dahlen delivers electric tunnel ovens to customers all around the world. Electric tunnel ovens used for continuous baking of all types of bread and pastry at temperature up to 500°C, 932°F with the high temperature execution. 

Gas Heated Tunnel Oven

The Sveba Dahlen indirect gas heated tunnel oven offers a unique flexibility and capability for producing a wide variety of products. The oven is built on a concept where each zone has two Weishaupt™ gas burners heating the air and distributing it to the top and the bottom of the oven through heat exchangers.

Sveba Dahlen Industrial Rack Oven I-Series Middleby

Industrial Rack Oven

The Sveba Dahlen I-Series ovens are adapted for industrial production and is reliable, effective and easy to use. I-Series can manage up to 4 racks at the time and can manage heavy duty industrial use. Outstanding for the smaller industry production which don't require higher capacity tunnel ovens. The oven exterior keeps a low temperature and its surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. It is available as electric, gas or oil fired oven. With optimized airflow and a high capacity steam system the oven delivers evenly baked products every time.

Industrial Belt Proofers Fermentation Lines Sveba Dahlen Middleby

Customer adapted belt proofers

Sveba Dahlen has over 50 years of experience of manufacturing Belt Proofers / Fermentation Lines. The Belt Proofers are manufactured in one or two level versions, and the size is calculated in view of the capacity requrements and the layout of the customers premises. The maximum belt width is 4 meters for higher production volumes.