Pre-order the new Pizza High Temp pizza oven now!

We are happy to announce the launch of our newest innovation, Pizza High Temp Pizza Oven! Launch date is February 1st, but it is possible to pre-order right away! Contact your Area Sales Manager for more information. 

If you’ve ever dreamed about baking a pizza that is as close to an authentic Neapolitan pizza as it’s possible to get, your dreams are about to come true! Sveba Dahlen is now launching the Pizza High Temp pizza oven – an energy-efficient electric pizza oven that achieves a temperature of up to 500°C in just 30 minutes. The oven has been specially designed in order to bake pizzas at high temperatures. Of course, it can also be used for baking other types of bread that require high temperatures, such as flatbread, lavash bread and pita bread. Baking pizzas at such a high temperature removes the need for any additives – Neapolitan pizzas use only natural ingredients.

Pizza High Temp bakes at 500°C, and its Italian stones have been developed in collaboration with pizza bakers from Italy. The unique stones assure the quality of the product being baked. Baking a pizza takes between 60 and 120 seconds, depending on the choice of topping and the fermentation of the dough. An authentic Neapolitan pizza is rich in flavor and has airy crusts, which you get with Pizza High Temp. Bear in mind that baking a Neapolitan pizza at high temperatures requires a dough that has a high water content (we recommend about 60-70%) and uses finely ground Tipo 00 flour, which consists of 100% wheat and is high in protein. For the best taste, you also need salt and high-quality oil.

Pizza Oven P601 High Temp 500 degrees perfect neapolitan pizza Sveba Dahlen
​ Neapolitan Pizza made in Pizza Oven P601 High Temp!

No downsides to an electric pizza oven.

Using a Pizza High Temp to bake Neapolitan pizzas means the baker no longer has to waste time taking care of fires and firewood. Furthermore, electric ovens don’t produce any toxic fumes, and the heat is more reliable and evenly distributed than in wood-fired ovens. Electric ovens also remove the reliance on fossil fuels, and are incredibly energy-efficient, which not only benefits the working environment inside the restaurant but also the environment in general. 

“Baking pizzas in the Pizza High Temp is fantastic! The pizza is evenly baked, and it is as quick as you like – no more than 120 seconds,” says Riccardo Birghillotti, the Italian pizza chef who is the reigning Swedish pizza-baking champion, and who will be competing in the European Championships in London in November.

Riccardo knows all about what it’s like to use the Pizza High Temp, as he owns one of the three restaurants that were selected to try out the oven over a period of several months.
“It is a reliable oven that gives great-tasting results – I’m really impressed, and would otherwise use a wood-fired oven to achieve an authentic Neapolitan pizza. Using the Pizza High Temp, I don’t think a single guest would notice any difference, although it has made a positive difference to our working environment,” continues Riccardo.

Naturally, the oven is consistent with Sveba Dahlen’s renowned premium quality, with robustly built doors, oven chamber and stand. It is also fitted with a user-friendly control panel and an efficient heating system – all of which serves to simplify the daily operations in the restaurant.
The Pizza High Temp pizza oven enables those who dream of a new pizza concept to take that next step toward the future!