See our new Mini Rack Oven and High Temp Pizza Oven at Intergastra!

On February 15-19th we will join our distributor Rudolf Richter gmbH at the Intergastra fair in Stuttgart! In the Richter booth Halle 5 - Stand 5B71 you can see two of our new innovations - the electrical 500°C High Temp Pizza Oven and the new S-Series Mini Rack Oven with a new hiqh quality underbuilt proofer! 

The High Temp Pizza Oven makes it so much easier to bake bread and pizza in high temperatures. It bakes up to 500°C on a italian pizzastone and distributes the heat eventy in the oven chamber. The rapid heating of the oven only takes about 30 minutes from startup until it is ready for high temperature baking and the week schedule function makes it easy to plan the work. The electrical high temp pizza oven makes amazing stone baked pizzas in only 60 to 120 seconds without firewood, fire, smoke and toxic fuses. This is the future of pizza, make pizzas with the same high quality results everytime!

The new S-Series Mini Rack Oven has results, efficiency and features are similar to those of an industrial rack oven with the difference being that this oven requires significantly less space thanks to its carefully engineered design, both in terms of footprint and appearance. The rotating rack oven is equipped with 
a modern SD Touch II digital panel, which offers all the convenient features a modern oven requires, such as connectivity to the Sveba Connect cloud service. 
Airflow is optimized, as well as rotation speed, steam, temperature and capacity. The oven is extremely flexible, and with the proofer placed beneath the oven 
with optimized fermentation features, baking flexibility is significantly enhanced. Ferment below and bake at the top – at the same time!

Also in the booth:

Pizza Oven - P-Series P402.
Tunnel Pizza Oven - TP11.

Welcome to Intergastra and the Richter booth: Halle 5 - Stand 5B71.