The new S-Series, when baking becomes a show!

The new mini rack oven S-Series is here with unlimited baking possibilities for the in-store bakery! The ultramodern rotating combination oven S-Series, bakes everything from bread rolls and sourdough bread to delicate pastries to perfection. Achieve similar results, efficiency and functionality to that of an industrial rack oven. Designed to occupy minimal space, the S-Series is optimized for smaller bakeries and store use. Equipped with a modern digital control panel, optimized airflow as well as rotation speed, heating and steam systems. The S-Series combination oven allows simpler, cheaper, more efficient and better baking. The oven is extremely flexible, and with the proofer placed beneath the oven with optimized fermentation features, baking flexibility is significantly enhanced. Ferment below and bake at the top – at the same time!

The rack oven is equipped with a brand new type of high-quality, high-capacity steam package, where the relationship between airflow, temperature, speed and volume has been carefully calculated to ensure the oven makes best use of these interactions and delivers a professional baking result. Its ultramodern digital touch panel, SD Touch II, is used to program the oven’s advanced settings. Launch Date: April 1st, 2020.

Proofing and baking at the same time!

The S-Series also has a proofer under the oven, which is adapted to suit the needs of each model of rack oven. Work on the proofer has run parallel to that on the rack oven, and the result is a carefully designed proofer that offers an exceptionally even proving process that neither dries out the dough nor leaves it over-fermented.

Our engineers, together with the company Alpha Solutions, whose employees are experts in designing heat technology, have developed a new type of steam generator called the Effective Humidity Distribution System, or EHDS for short. The system keeps the heat at the right temperature throughout the proofing process and offers bakers a smooth process with perfect proofing results.

The proofer is equipped with a separate digital panel, with a clear interface and easy-to-use settings. The combination of rack oven and proofer offers bakeries a complete oven, where doughs can be proved underneath the oven while the oven itself is baking a wide range of products that are sweet, coarse, light and dense.

For bakers, the S-Series in short makes day-to-day work into a show, as its unique design is appealing, its rotating rack and soft lights are attractive, and its baking results are the best on the market!

Bakery rack oven S-Series with rotating rack for baking on trays
The New S-Series is available in 6 models and 2 colors
Bake to perfection in the new S-Series - flexible, even, fast and energy efficient baking