About the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - our business is going as normal as possible!

This is what we are currently doing:

  • Opening hours are normal.
  • Orders will be processed as usual.
  • Emails that are sent to us will be responded to as before.
  • Salespeople are working on distance.
  • Salespeople are only visiting local (driving distance) customers on a necessity basis.
  • Support department is working as usual.
  • Our management, manufacturing, warehouse and shipping staff is onsite and working as usual.
  • We have taken all precaution actions according to Swedish authorities and Middleby instructions.
  • We have disturbances in shipping with limitation of containers for shipping, truck-ques at borders and limited air freight possibilities. This means in some cases longer lead times of machines and parts.

All the best,

The team of Sveba Dahlen - Your partner in successful baking!