Pizza Champion Cup Norway

Pizza Champion Cup Norway Umami Arena 2023 Sveba Dahlen

Get ready for Pizza Champion Cup Norway!

Congratulations to Francesco Solimeo! Winner of the category Best Gourmet Pizza in Norway! He receives the honour of representing Norway in Pizza World Championship in Parma, Italy! 

It is time to decide who is the best pizza chef in Norway as the pizza competition have made its way into the country. The competition will be decided on February 14 - 15 during the Umami Arena exhibition 14 - 17 in Lillestrøm.

The Pizza Champion Cup competition was founded by the former world champion in pizza, Mike Arvblom and has been a success in Sweden in recent years and given pizza bakers from all over the country the opportunity to show their skills.

In 2022, the competition was also organized in Denmark with great success. Now we hope that you as a competing pizza chef are really charged for the competition in Norway at Umami Arena in February. We are sure that the competition will give good publicity and be a success in Norway as well.

Sveba Dahlen is the main sponsor of the competition in Sweden and Denmark. We belive that the best pizza chefs should be given the best opportunities to perform, which is why all pizzas during the competition will be baked in Sveba Dahlen's electric premium ovens from the P-Series. In the Pizza Champion Cup competition area, Sveba Dahlen's premium oven P-Series P602 Beyond Black will be on site, as well as our high-temperature oven P602 High Temp, which bakes Neapolitan pizza with consistent results at up to 500°C!

Adjacent to the competition area is also a P602 P-Series pizza oven that visitors can take a closer look at, and possibly taste some delicious pizza samples. One of our Norwegian distributors, Fast Food Service is on site in the competition corner, and they are also the ones who contribute with the ovens at the event!

Pizza world champion Mike Arvblom founder of pizza champion cup norway sveba dahlen

The competition

Pizza Champion Cup is determined in three categories where the pizza chef who gives the best overall performance wins the title Norways Best Pizza Chef 2023.The competition is decided in three categories:

  • Best Gourmet Pizza
  • Best Margherita Pizza
  • Best Dessert Pizza

The winner of the category "Best Gourmet Pizza" gets to represent Norway the World Pizza Championships in Parma Italy by Le5 Stagioni.

The Pizza Champion Cup Competitors

Norways Best Gourmet Pizza:

Dalibor Fucak - Pelles Tova Hotell - Øyer
Adam Pawlak - Oslo
Antonio Guarniera - Restaurant Ludo - Oslo
Giandomenico Venerito - Italian Food Market - Tolvsrød
Elio Corsi - Eataly Ristorante - Oslo
Jan Erik Tande-Strageberg - Cin Cin Cafe - Oslo
Andrea Memoli - Restaurat Teatro - Oslo
Francesco Solime - Vesuvio Cafe - Oslo
Jens Foien - Mat Importen - Oslo

Norways Best Dessert Pizza:

Antonio Guarniera - Restaurant Ludo - Oslo
Giandomenico Venerito - Italian Food Market - Tolvsrød
Dalibor Fucak - Pelles Tova Hotell - Øyer
Elio Corsi - Eataly Ristorante - Oslo
Jens Foien - Mat Importen - Oslo

Norways Best Margherita Pizza:

Qusay Barjas Hamsho - Bien Centro - Bergen
Antonio Guarniera - Restaurant Ludo - Oslo
Dalibor Fucak - Pelles Tova Hotell - Øyer
Adam Pawlak - Oslo
Mindaugas Rubuzis - Restaurant Esmeralda - Tønsberg
Giandomenico Venerito - Italian Food Market - Tolvsrød
Elio Corsi - Eataly Ristorante - Oslo
Gabriel Wloszek - Mad Pizza Chef - Fredrikstad
Francesco Solime - Vesuvio Cafe - Oslo
Philip Bauer - Norway
Jens Foien - Mat Importen - Oslo

The Jury

The jury consists of high-profile professional pizza chefs who will judge the pizzas accordingly best taste, appearance, creativity, and execution. The jury will also reward the pizza chef with diplomas in specific categories, such as best choice of ingredients, baked with love, best cheese mix, best tomato sauce, best pizza base, most inventive pizza.

The jury consists of:
Mike Arvblom | World Champion Pizza Chef - Gold (jury chairman)
Petrut Pruna | Scandinavian Pizza Master
Josef Hakimi | Nordic Gold
Simone Pizzuto | Winner of Sweden's Best Gourmet Pizza 2019
Jannis Pebes | Swedish Silver
Dan Arvblom | Vice President of the Pizza Champion Cup
Marius Niva | Norwegian Pizza Expert
Riccardo Birghillotti | Pizza Champion Cup Pizza Chef Of The Year 2018, and one of the only AVPN certified pizzerias in the region
Giorgio Riggio | Pizza World Champion In Pizza Acrobatic Art 1999/2000/2003/2009
Sven Erik Renaa |2x Michelin Star Chef
Giorgia Riggo | Multiple Pizza Chef Champion



Winner Pizza Champion Cup Sweden 2022 Sveba Dahlen

Pizza Champion Cup Innovation

Do not miss the Pizza Champion Cup Innovation on February 15th. 2023 pizza trends and pizza education for the future. Come and taste pizzas from Italy and learn how to bake authentic Italian Neapolitan style pizza. The Sveba Dahlen Pizza Expert Mikael Lundgren will also present our ovens. A fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge about our pizza ovens.

Here is the the program for the Pizza Champion Cup Innovation:

12.00 Les 5 Stagioni Pizza School with a pizza master instructor Stefano Cossignani from Italy baking Neapolitan delicious pizzas.

12.45 Sveba Dahlen: Pizza Oven Innovation

13.15 Robot Coupe: The Solution for pizza toppings.

Mikael Lundgren Pizza expert Sveba Dahlen