Our Core Values

We are constantly working with our core values in mind.

Reliable – our customer loyalty is built on the trust we have created by delivering reliable equipment and having an open and supportive organization. We want people to refer to our equipment as reliable and robust with features based on their actual needs.

Qualitative – producing reliable equipment with an outstanding low cost of use is expected of us. Our customers should expect well-made, dependable equipment delivering the best results at the lowest cost of ownership.

User Friendly – we want to be perceived as modern, by basing our decisions on our customers’ needs. Interacting with us should be intuitive, no matter which part of our brand you interact with. Actively working to identify and analyze customer demands is crucial to our organization.

Professional – high quality, reliability and know-how are the foundation of our professionalism. With humility and distinctness, we build an organization aimed at guaranteeing unsurpassed quality in everything we do.

Proactive – we see our brand from a holistic point of view, where our organization strategically works to achieve a common goal. Each part of the company has a clear purpose and they collectively contribute to creating success. We are innovative by thinking of the complete customer journey: from marketing and initial contact, via distributors, sales and service, to the experience of our products.

Courageous – we want to be perceived as attentive and considerate in everything we do, and as being effective at identifying future risks. We aim to be courageous but we will not compromise on our core values; we are up front, if not first.


Core Values - Sveba Dahlen