Our journey — from 1948 into the future

The foundation of Sveba Dahlen was laid as early as 1948 through two different family-owned companies: Borås Elmekano, founded by Johan Adolf Eliasson, and Elektro Dahlén, founded by Karl-Edvard Dahlen. Both companies were situated in Borås, Sweden, and both began to manufacture baking ovens under very humble circumstances.

The two competing companies both developed quality products which contributed to the development of commercial baking production processes in their own separate ways. The entrepreneurial spirit and level of development were high, and the technical solutions enhanced the positive development of the companies over ensuing decades. The companies were successful early on, especially on export markets.

In 1962, Borås Elmekano was converted into AB Svenska Bakugnsfabriken, SVEBA. By now, Kenneth Eliasson, grandson of founder Johan Adolf Eliasson, is running the company. In 1991, SVEBA acquires the company Elektro Dahlén, forming Sveba-Dahlen AB.

In 1994, Sveba-Dahlen AB forms a joint venture company in Hong Kong: SDA Co. Ltd. In 1998, the next company to be acquired is Glimek, situated in Glimåkra, Sweden. Glimek was renowned in the market for its resilient bread products. The company flourishes and, to widen its product range to become a turnkey supplier of bakery machines, the company acquires the Danish company Wodschow A/S, now known as Varimixer A/S, in 2000. By virtue of this acquisition, Sveba Dahlen Group AB is formed in 2001.

In 2002, a subsidiary is formed in Estonia, followed by subsidiaries in both Russia and Spain in 2006. In 2011, the previously family-owned company is sold to the company Litorina, a private equity company based in Stockholm. In 2017, Sveba Dahlen acquires part of the Danish company Bago-Line and the Norwegian company Horni.

2017 is also the year when Sveba Dahlen is acquired by the US company The Middleby Corporation, whose business strategy is to grow through corporate acquisitions of companies in the commercial cooking and industrial baking industries. The Middleby Corporation is registered on NASDAQ and generates revenue of USD 3 billion.

Sveba Dahlen is currently one of the most renowned, respected bakery equipment companies in the world. Our new baking machines manifest how we continue moving towards enhanced user-friendliness, digital connectivity and energy efficiency. Please feel welcome to join us on our journey!