How we handle personal data

Sveba Dahlen complies with the data protection regulations established by the EU in relation to GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation. You can see below which personal data we manage, where we obtained the data and who has access to them.

As a customer of Sveba Dahlen, we store information and contact information about your company/the company where you are employed and your personal contact details such as your first name, surname, telephone number, title and email address. We distribute information, offers and other digital documents to the email address that you have indicated we should keep on record. If you would like us to remove your contact information immediately from our records, for example if you have terminated your employment, you need to contact us. We delete all personal contact information from our internal systems according to our established procedure. We also work continuously to minimize storage time, which means that we routinely remove unnecessary data and do not store personal data any longer than is required on the balance of interests.

All information about you has been obtained from you, your employer or third parties who handle public company information, for example PAR. We can obtain this information through agreements, letters, file transmission or the internet.

Sveba Dahlen provides personal information to relevant contact persons internally. We sometimes engage external companies to support us in our work or to conduct customer surveys. These partners will then have limited access to the personal data in order to be able to carry out their work. Sveba Dahlen does not sell or share your contact details.

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