Intermediate Conveyor Proofer - ICP

The Glimek ICP is a conveyor proofer for all types of bakeries. It can be made in 1-4 decks as standard and custom lengths and with capacity up to 3600 pieces/hour. The ICP has a smart space saving system and can be mounted from ceiling. A perfect customer-adapted system, which allows you to adapt the dough resting time and production capacity to suit the bakeries needs, either if it is a small or large bakery.

Easy to Clean

Flexible Design


Capacity up to 3600 pcs/hour.

Removable windows on both sides.

Belt width 350 mm.

Weight range 100-2300 gr.

Made of strong special aluminum profiles.

Drum motors with frequency controlled drive as standard.

Standard length up to 12m on each deck.

Outlet sliding plate - fixed (option).

Outlet sliding plate - turnable 1500 mm or 2500 mm (option).

Separate stands (option).

Ceiling suspensions (option).

Technical drawing needed.


  • Set of ceiling suspensions – one for drive end and one for each 2,5 m.
  • Outlet sliding plate - Fixed.
  • Outlet sliding plate - Turnable L =1500 mm.
  • Outlet sliding plate - Turnable L =2500 mm.
  • Separate stands (legs).
  • Straight in-line feeding.
  • Wall supports.

Key features


Technical Specifications

Capacity range: Up to 3600 dough-pcs/h
Weight range, subject to capacity 
and dough characteristics: 100-1500 gr
Power supply: 0.11 kW per deck as standard