Bread Line 120

The Glimek Bread Line 120 is a flexible bread line that is easy to adapt to both the layout of the premises and to the bread that is to be baked.
It´s specially made for producing bread without need for an intermediate proofing time. The capacity is up to 500–1200 pieces/hour and the weight range is 50–1000 g. The Glimek Bread Line 120 is a perfect, high quality solution for smaller bakeries, the entire flow can be easily and safely managed by just one person, from start to finish.

Components Set-up Example

  • SD180XS Dough Divider with variable speed 500-1200 pcs/h. 90 liter stainless steel hopper. Weight range 50-1000 gr.

  • BR2000 Inclined belt rounder with easily adjustable moulding track for dough weights from 50 up to 1000 gr. The moulding track is easy to fold up for cleaning or when it is not in use. Operating side right/left.

  • MO300S Moulder with centrally adjustable infeed hopper, curling net and foldable 650 x 1100 mm pressure board. Adjustable side guides and ergonomic collection tray. Operating side right/left.

Silent Operation

Energy Efficient

Easy to Clean



Flexible and space saving dough line. 

Specially made for doughs without need for intermediate proving time.

Flexible for many types of end product.

Outstanding for smaller bakeries, entire flow can be handled by one person.


Key features


Technical Specifications

Capacity range: 500-1200 pcs/hour.
Weight range: 50-1000 gr.
Power supply (Component example above) 2.4 kW.