Deck Oven / Pizza Oven N-Series

N-Series Counter Deck Oven - Baking brilliance

Compact baking brilliance! The N-Series is a bench sized combined deck and pizza oven with same high baking qualities as a large oven. The flexibillity of the oven is extraordinary, switch from stone baked pizzas and bread to pastries in a moment! Equipped with a high quality heating and steam system which provides amazing results of the baked product. The user-friendly control panel is easy to clean and has a smart heat control which is very easy to handle. The eye catching N-Series fits perfect on the counter.

Steam System

Heating System

Energy Efficiency

Stone Hearth

Sveba Dahlen Stone hearth baking deck oven
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Small bench oven with outstanding flexibillity.
Adaptable for bread, pizza and pastry.

Same high quality baking as in large deck ovens with advanced steam package system.
High quality heating and steam system.

Control panel with touch screen and user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and learn. Click here for more info.

Energy Efficient.
Heavilly insulated. Three glazed window keeps the heat inside.

Stone hearth and tray grid as standard.
Flexible baking with booth stone hearth and tray grid.

Plug and Play!
Quick and simple installation.

Simple top- and bottom heat control.
Easy to control the top and bottom heat individually.

High quality door gasket and well insulated oven chamber.    
Keeps the heat inside the oven and keeps the handle cool. 

Delivered with three baking trays with teflon-coating.
1 Baguette tray, 1 perforated baking tray and 1 non-perforated baking tray.

Max baking temperature 315°C / 599°F.


  • Water Filter.
    An effective filter that filters out dirt and limescale deposits, which gives the proofer a longer life. Also gives the products a better taste and aroma.

Key features

Control Panel

User-friendly control panel with innovative heat control, set top and bottom heat. Easy to clean glass panel.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Maximum baking temperature 
Weight 65 kg
Water connection DN10 / 3/8”
Internal dimensions 445 x 215 x 445 mm
Door opening height  180 mm.
Power supply 2.2 kW



Baking Tips

Baking in a stone oven is something of an art. In large measure, the challenge is in learning how the heat behaves in
the stone, with its high thermal inertia, and, bearing this in mind, setting the oven and working in the right way.
The oven is split into 2 heat groups. Top and bottom heating. This can be weighted from 1 top – 9 bottom to 9 top –
1 bottom, where 1 means 10% power and 9 means 90% power. Together, the power is always 100%.
• The top heat primarily regulates baking the top of the baked product.
• The bottom heat primarily regulates baking the bottom of the baked product.
Steam can be sued to giver a shinier biscuit. Steam must be added as soon as the plate is placed in the oven and the
door closed. You can see a good basic setting to start from for different products below:


Product Baking method Top heat Bottom heat Temperatur °C Baking time Steam
Danish pastries
Smooth plate on rack 7 3 200 23 No
Smooth plate on rack 7 3 190 16 No
Smooth plate on rack 5 5 190 19 No
Sourdough baguettes
Baguette plate on stone 5 5 250 for 2 min then 230 20 Yes
Sourdough loaf
On the stone 6 4 250 for 2 min then 230 320 Yes
Rolls multi-grain
rustic 70 g
Perforated plate on rack 4 6 230 12 Yes
Frallor multigrain 
rustic 70g
Perforated plate on rack 4 6 230 12 No
Loaf multi-grain
550 g
Perforated plate on rack 5 5 230 for 2 min then 190 32 Yes
Pizza Margherita 350g On the stone 8 2 310 3,30 No

The stone has a natural inertia when absorbing heat, you should give the stone a couple of minutes to recover
before placing a baked product on the same spot again.
If the stone even so does not recover between bakes, you need to increase the bottom heat.