High Temp Pizza Oven - 500°C / 932°F

Faster than wood-fired pizza oven! Rapid heating with electric pizza oven 500°C

This High Temp pizza oven bakes pizza Napolitana, pitas, lavash and flat bread in only 60 – 120 seconds (depending on topping) without worries around woodfire or flue gases. The Sveba Dahlen high temperature pizza oven is fitted with genuine Italian Biscotti di Sorrento pizza stones, traditionally made in Italy. Those stones combined with the 500° C / 932° F very even distributed heat, is the secret behind the success of the Scandinavian electrical high temp pizza oven.  The oven offers a flexible pizza concept, as it is available with up to two high temperature decks with space for up to 6 neapolitan pizzas at a time per deck. 

The stones, the highly efficient heating element, the ceramic glass in the door and the robust design makes the Sveba Dahlen High Temp pizza oven to one of the most energy efficient and reliable high-temperature ovens on the market.

Since the oven is equipped with an automatic Turbo start function, the heat quickly rises to set temperature. This is convenient for the pizza chef, who can focus on baking delicious pizzas instead of technical issues. With the programmable week timer it is possible to plan all days of the week. The pizza oven will be prepared and pre-heated when the pizza chef arrives to the restaurant. The pizza oven is also fast and ready to bake in 30 minutes if the week schedule is not pre-set.

The pizza oven is also equipped with energy-efficient LED light sources on the left-hand side inside the oven chamber. Adapted for baking at high temperatures.

Bear in mind that baking pizzas in high temperatures demand a dough with plenty of water, we recommend about 60-70 %, with finely ground Tipo 00 flour. 

With a perfect dough, this high temperature pizza oven will provide superior capacity and perfect bake flavor for a tastier pizza comparable to an authentic Neapolitan pizza, just without the firewood or fluent gases!

Heating System

Low maintenance costs

Energy Efficiency

Biscotti di Sorrento Pizza Stone

Biscotti di Sorrento Pizza Stone
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Max baking temperature 500°C / 932°F.

Biscotto di Sorrento Pizza stones.
Authentic handmade pizza stones of highest quality from Italy. Porous pizza stones made by clay, which does not create a surface that burns the pizza base in 60-120 seconds when baking in up to 500°C / 932°F.

Highly efficient heating system.
High-quality and well-insulated oven chamber that retains the heat more effectively. The high level of insulation ensures a better working environment.

No naked flames or need for firewood.
No toxic smoke or fumes, and more reliable heating in the oven.

Fast baking time.
Bake your pizza in 60 to 120 seconds. The baking time may vary according to the choice of topping.

Fast heating of oven. Ready to bake in approximately 30 minutes from start-up. 
Depending on preferred baking temperature. With the programmable week timer (with start settings), plan your week and arrive to an already heated oven.

Strong, spring loaded precision-built door with ergonomic, cool handles.
Robust, easy to open and keep clean.

Automatic Turbo start function. 
Automatically heats up the oven quickly to the set temperature. Demands no manual setup from the user.

Digital control panel with energy saving timer.
Makes the oven both energy efficient and easy to use.

User-friendly control panel.
- Regulate upper and lower heating separately.
- Turbo function.
- Incorporated week timer.
- Power-saving function.

Heat reflecting ceramic glass.
Withstand temperature changes. Keeps the heat inside the oven. 

Strong insulation.
Ensures that the heat stays in the oven chamber. Energy efficient and cost saving.
The high level of insulation ensures a better working environment.

Effective working high temperature resistant LED-lighting. 
The oven is equipped with energy-efficient, heat-resistant LED lighting that provides clear and convenient lighting inside the oven chamber. Each oven chamber is fitted with two LED lights on the left-hand side.

Robust legs with lockable wheels. 
Keeps the oven in place and enable it to be moved for cleaning.

Pullout shelves.  
The two sliding shelves come with a standard stopping mechanism. 
Use for storage or extra working space.


  • Door with double ceramic glazed window per deck
    Makes the oven more heat efficient and gives a better working climate in the restaurant kitchen.
  • Seperated Power Supplies
    Separate electrical supply per deck for separate feeding and lower connection power.
  • Disassembled decks.
    The oven is shipped unassembled. Recommended for installation in tight spaces.

Key features

Authentic Pizza Stone

Authentic pizza stone from Italy. Developed in collaboration with pizza bakers from Italy. The unique stones assure the quality of the product being baked. 

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Technical Specifications

Dough for baking pizza in High Temperatures

Bear in mind that baking a Neapolitan pizza at higher temperatures requires a dough with plenty of water – we recommend about 60-70% – with finely ground Tipo 00 flour.


Pizza High Temp P601HT - 1 deck ovenP602HT - 2 deck oven
Maximum baking temperature500°C / 932°F500°C / 932°F
Baking surface0.76 m22 x 0,76 m2 = 1,52 m2
Baking area (stone hearth) mm W×D1065 x 715 mm2 x 1065 x 715 mm
Capacity pizza Ø 35 cm6 pizzas12 pizzas
Fuse (amp)25A50A
Power12.5 kW / 13.6 kW**25.0 kW / 27.2 kW**
External dimensions WxHxD1475 x 1725 x 1010 mm1475 x 1825 x 1010 mm
Internal dimensions WxHxD1070 x 169 x 725 mm2x 1070 x 169 x 725 mm
Door opening height140 mm140 mm
Exhaust duct, Ø 125 mm*100-125 m3/h120-150 m3/h
Weight300 kg420 kg
Leg height1000 mm930 mm

*Connection diameter
**Applies to model 3x415V+N 

Connection cable
3 m cable included. Glove, 
‘plug and play’ included in the 
model 3x400V+N, 3x415V+N.

Recommended fuse
Amperes per fuse varies with electrical network voltage. 

Ventilation connection
Only one connection of Ø 125. 
Direct connection is recommended since there is built-in power interruption for a better work environment.
1 deck, max 100–125 m3/h. 
2 decks, max 120–150 m3/h.