Climator Unit - F-Series F100

F-Series F100 Proofing Room Climator Unit
F-Series F100 high capacity dough fermentation proofer climate unit for proofing rooms black Sveba Dahlen
F-Series F100 high capacity dough fermentation proofer climate unit for proofing rooms stainless Sveba Dahlen
F-Series F100 dough fermentation proofer climate unit for bakery proofing rooms user-friendly control panel Sveba Dahlen
F-Series F100 dough fermentation proofer climate unit with high-quality components for bakeries Sveba Dahlen
F-Series F100 proofing fermentation climator unit for bakeries with hiqh-quality and movable humidity and temperature sensor sveba dahlen

F100 provides optimal control of humidity and temperature in both existing proofing rooms and spaces being converted into proofing rooms. Made of stainless steel and equipped with a modern, high-quality electronic steam system for durable and reliable operation. It covers from 10m³ up to 40m³ of proofing space, with up to four connected F100 devices with a master-slave connection. This way it is also very modular, which means that the proofing room can grew with growing need of fermentation. Smart and effective proofing to a low cost.

F-Series is a complete concept of high quality proofing, fermentation has never been easier. The F-Series offers proofer solutions for all kind of bakery businesses, from industrial bakeries to artisan bakeries and supermarkets. With high quality components, innovative design and the user in focus, the F-Series can fill all needs for dough fermentation. Learn more about F200 and F500.

Control Panel

Modular design

Temperature and Humidity Control

Seperate temperature and humidity control offers full control of proofing process Sveba Dahlen


The warm and humid air is blown out through the bottom part of the duct and sent out into the proofing room via a guide plate. 
Provides good air circulation in the room for optimal and uniform proofing.

Optimized high-quality humidity- and temperature sensor.
Ensures optimal proofing and long, reliable operation.

Temperature and humidity are set seperately and can be turned on and off as required. 
Ensures optimal control of the humidity and temperature.

Equipped with a modern, special electronic steam system.
Ensures long and reliable operation.

Modular design - two or more F100 units can be connected in parallel with a common control (master-slave). 
High capacity – up to 40 m³ proofing room. 

Control panel with touch function and glass screen.
User-friendly and easy to clean.

External control panel (option). 
The control panel can be mounted up to 10 meters from the F100 unit. Easy-to-operate for temperature and humidity control.

Stainless steel execution.


  • External control panel.
    With 10 meter long cable, can be placed outside the proofer room.
  • Alarm.
    Sound signal alarms when a program is finished.
  • Black Design.
    Black stainless steel plates.
  • Water Filter.
    An effective filter that filters out dirt and limescale deposits, which gives the proofer a longer life. Also gives the products a better taste and aroma.

Key features


Technical Specifications

Number of F100 Units 1 Unit 2 Units 3 Units 4 Units
Steam capacity for rooms up to: 10 m³ 20 m³ 30 m³ 40 m³
Fermentation dough mass capacity 150 kg 300 kg 450 kg 600 kg
Power supply 9 kW 18 kW 27 kW 36 kW
Water Connection 1/2” 1/2” 1/2” 1/2”
Water supply G 3/8 G 3/8 G 3/8 G 3/8
Drainage outlet Ø 2” Ø 2” Ø 2” Ø 2”

Voltage: 3x400V+N.

Humidity range: From ambient humidity to 95%. 
Temperature range: From ambient temperature to 50°C.
F100 with 2 to 4 units, consist of one master unit with control panel and 1-3 slave units.