The actor who opened a bakery – Brödfabriken i Jonsered

It’s not for nothing that Brödfabriken in Jonsered got the rave review “Congratulations on a place where people want to go”. And there can be no doubt that renowned actor Eric Ericsson has achieved his vision of putting Jonsered on the map and opening a bakery that offers a complete experience from the moment you walk through the door. Or as Eric himself says:

“We want guests to feel special when they visit us. The products should be delicious and look great, and coming here should also be an experience for the eye. And I also want the place to feel relevant.”

Brödfabriken in Jonsered opened on 19 March 2022. Eleven months on, the bakery is undoubtedly a resounding success. Despite being located a few kilometers from Gothenburg, people have found their way here, and Brödfabriken in Jonsered has even been voted the bakery with Gothenburg’s best semla buns. Semla definition: a sweet, white roll filled with almond paste and whipped cream.

So how come a successful actor opted to open a bakery?

“I saw a need for a good bakery in Jonsered and nobody else was opening one,” Eric laughs. “So, I took matters into my own hands. I enjoy making movies, but here at the bakery I get to be the director and create my own artworks!”

Brodfabriken i Jonsered Eric Ericson Actor Baker Reference Sveba Dahlen

All the work at Brödfabriken in Jonsered is a team effort. The team meets every Tuesday to plan the week ahead. Everyone attends the meeting, from the staff at the counter to the bakers. Besides the standard range of baked goods that are always offered, there are varying weekly specials such as Danish pastries and croissants, various tartlets, focaccia of the week and bread of the week. Every month there’s also a featured specialty bread made from heritage grains harvested and milled in Sweden. The bakery also celebrates special days such as Valentine’s Day and Cinnamon Bun Day by offering special themed goods. The team also includes an artistic director, Anders Tolergård, who makes sure Brödfabriken in Jonsered offers the desired visual experience.

Bakery machines from Sveba Dahlen are installed at the bakery. The 4-deck oven is used to bake all sourdough goods. There is also a combination oven from the S-Series, the “King of Combinations”, which consists of a mini rack oven and a free-standing proofer.

“We bake our brioches and rolls in the rack oven, which is really powerful,” Eric says. “We’re really pleased with the ovens. I’d just like the oven to be bigger, but our premises are a bit too small for that.”

Eric says the reason for choosing Sveba Dahlen bakery machines is that they seemed safe and reliable:

“I wanted the equivalent of a Volvo in our bakery. Machinery manufactured close by with support and service close at hand,” he says. “I’m delighted we chose Sveba Dahlen!”

Before deciding on Sveba Dahlen, Eric visited a friend who runs a bakery in Slöinge (a village on the Swedish west coast), which uses bakery equipment from Sveba Dahlen. When asked how the installation went, Eric says light-heartedly,

“Swish, swoosh, it was all done in a flash,”

And on that note, we leave behind the artisan bakery that makes everything from scratch and that provides breakfast, coffee or rolls for your picnic. If you’re hiking on Gotaleden, keep an eye out for the chimney. That’s where you’ll find Brödfabriken in Jonsered!