Atocha - a major supplier of pastries all over Spain

Justo Fernández García is a second generation owner of the large scale Atocha bakery, founded 40 years ago. Atocha works with retailers and distributors and has central agreements with them all over Spain as well as in Mallorca and the Canary Islands. They offer a quality product in the form of delicious baked goods of different types and flavors. For example, at Atocha they make the popular Spanish pastry with honey, Palmeras.

They have nine employees at their side, along with two V-51 ovens and a mixer from Sveba-Dahlen that was installed 6 years ago. The ovens work non-stop for 8 hours a day. Since the installation, baking times have become noticeably shorter and energy costs have decreased by almost 30 percent compared to their old oven.