Føtex Kolding – a Danish Bake Off bakery

In the Danish city of Kolding, there is a Føtex store, which is grocery store chain and subsidiary of the Dansk Supermarked Group. Føtex has 88 stores and 15,000 employees with a strong focus on three core areas: the produce section, their own charcuterie and their own bakery. Every day, fresh ingredients and top quality service are delivered by the Føtex stores.

Føtex began its journey in 2015 with a new store concept that diligently worked with lighting and smart interior solutions. A major part of the concept is the store's own bakery, which can be found in Føtex Kolding. The bakery provides freshly baked bread throughout the day, via its well functioning Bake Off bakery, which the customers highly appreciate!

Preprepared dough is delivered from Dansk Supermarked's central bakery in Odense, which is then baked on site at Føtex Kolding.
Baking is done in Sveba-Dahlen's DC-42 deck oven, two V-40 ovens and a Fermatic Q4 Freezer, retarder, prover. Baking bread in the store gives customers an even more enjoyable experience by adding the delightful aroma of freshly baked bread!