Horno de Pan - a charming family bakery that has grown under four generations' work

In Spain's capital, Madrid, you will find the delightful family bakery, Horno de pan. The bakery that has been run for four generations is well known in the city, as they deliver bread to shops all over Madrid.

Eight years ago, the family invested in an entire bread line, giving them great opportunities for expansion. Today they bake 30-80 different types of bread per day. Everything from hot dog and hamburger buns to baguettes, ciabatta, bread rolls, regular sandwich bread and traditional Spanish bread. Each day, the three bakers use 800-1,000 kg flour and the bakers work for around 8 hours per day. They use the Fermatic proving cabinet that covers the first part of the baking process, so when two of the bakers start their shift at 4-5 am, the dough is ready to be baked. Over the course of the day, 50-60 percent of products are sold in their own shop, right next door to the bakery.

The bakery is also famous for its unusual decor. This is due to the fact that the father of the family that owns the bakery has an artistic vein and builds fantastic miniature models of Madrid's famous buildings. In the spring of 2016, there will be an exhibition at the bakery – but this time it'll be of the Glimek bread line and a Sveba-Dahlen V-Series oven – built with precision and functioning details.