La Emilita - a large-scale bakery for baked goods and pastries

La Emilita is a large bakery located in Madrid's Zona de Industiral de Villverde. La Emilita has a daily production capacity of around 80 percent pastries and 20 percent bread. They deliver baked goods to no fewer than 1,200 customers/day in the Madrid area.

To meet these volumes, the bakery uses the Bear Varimixer and four V-52 ovens from Sveba-Dahlen.
La Emilita operates around the clock making everything from donuts to cakes, croissants, jelly donuts, bread and the typical Spanish “Palmeras”. At least 24,000 units leave the bakery every day, of which 14,000 are the deep-fried Palmera pastries. All of the baked goods have been created with help from Sveba-Dahlen products.