Linnea’s – the dream of a local artisan bakery has come true

Linnea’s Pâtisserie, Café and Tearoom became a reality the moment Linnea found the perfect venue on Strandtorget in the town of Tyresö, in Stockholm County, Sweden. Linnea already had a clear picture of what she wanted to offer her customers: breads, buns, macarons, cakes and pastries. With this goal in mind, she began to investigate the type of oven that would suit her business. In the end, she came to the decision that it was the rotating mini rack oven in Sveba Dahlen’s S-Series, the SR240, that would best suit her need for versatility.

- “Sveba Dahlen’s salesman got back to me quickly. He also gave me tips and ideas about other things than just the bakery machines and came here several times. He made sure that everything went smoothly with both installation and start-up,” says Linnea.

The installation of the oven and the F200 proofer went well. A window had to be removed in order to get the oven inside, but after that everything went smoothly. Linnea says that this is the first time she has baked using an oven from Sveba Dahlen, but that she is very satisfied. “The break-in period took scarcely a day.

- “Sveba Dahlen offers great service! The manuals are simple and clear, and the oven works great. And then you’ve got the web and YouTube to help you, as well as support line that’s just a phone call away. I’m really glad I chose Sveba Dahlen. I’m also super happy with the baking results – top-notch quality!”

Opening day was a success to say the least, with a queue that stretched all the way out the door. This was despite the fact that Linnea really only marketed herself on Instagram and with notices she set up outside the premises. Since then, things have gone well and today Linnea’s welcomes both loyal regular customers and new faces every day.

For Linnea, it’s very important that her baked goods contain organic and locally produced ingredients. This is of course due to sustainability and environmental considerations, but she also believes that the flavors are so much better when you use local products. This means that some of the berries and fruits she uses (such as apples and black currants, when they are in season) are home-grown. She also buys locally produced eggs and other items during her shopping rounds.

- “I choose the things that I think I would like if I went to a tearoom,” says Linnea.

Linnea’s uses the oven constantly throughout the day, and all the baked goods are lactose-free. Linnea bakes everything from bread, buns and cake layers on a daily basis, and plans for the coming days by cold-proofing her doughs in the proofer so that they’re ready to bake later. Linnea draws inspiration from nature and her own imagination. She then fine-tunes the taste and texture of her doughs and pastries through careful trial and error. The most popular items in the tearoom are the pastries and cakes. Linnea believes that this is because that is how her customers know her, through the TV program Hela Sverige bakar Junior, a national baking competition for young people that Linnea won in 2015, when she was just 13 years old.

What’s Linnea’s personal favorite at the tearoom? After some thought, she answers:

- “It’s a pastry. The raspberry, pear, and vanilla-flavored one. It’s really popular with our customers, too!”