Føtex Fredericia – delivers bakery goods to several grocery stores

The V-Series ovens and the Fermatic Q4 prover keep up the good baking results. In the Danish city of Fredericia, there is a Føtex store, which is grocery store chain owned by the Dansk Supermarked Group. Føtex has 88 stores and 15,000 employees with a strong focus on three core areas: the produce section, their own charcuterie and their own bakery. Every day, top quality fresh ingredients and service are delivered by the Føtex stores.

The Føtex store in Frederica is known for its large bakery, baking everything from bread to cookies that are then delivered to several nearby stores along Jutland's southeastern coast. There is also a bakery at the entrance to the store, where freshly baked bread and confectioneries, in part baked in the in-store bakery and, in part, in the S-400 oven (with a condensation unit that allows unrestricted oven placement, as it does not require an exhaust fan) placed behind the counter.  

Bo Poulsen is Head Baker and together with 11 bakers provides Danes with freshly baked bread all day long. Helping him are three V-40 ovens and a Fermatic Q4 Freezer, retarder, prover from Sveba-Dahlen. The ovens run at full capacity, and in less than a year, according to Bo Poulsen, they have baked more than what the "average bakery" normally bakes in three years. 

When asked what he is most satisfied with about the ovens, Bo responds:
"That would be the SD-Touch display. It is easy to use and we save our recipes in a recipe bank. This makes for a safer bake result - we always get the same end product result - the same baking time and the same crispness." 
Do you think anything could be improved with the ovens?
"Previously, I missed not being able to quickly reduce the temperature, but that is included now, so nothing is missing in my opinion," says Bo Poulsen and offers us freshly baked chocolate covered Danish pastries.