Baking Oven Control Panel Rack Oven SD Touch II Sveba Dahlen

Feel the Power of
SD Touch II!

Standard for all rack ovens C-, V-, I- and S-Series.

Also for Deck Ovens.

SD Touch II makes everyday life easier for bakers worldwide

The SD Touch II panel is the smart and user-friendly control panel with a touch display designed for Sveba Dahlen baking ovens. Packed with an array of intelligent features tailored for both bakers and bakeries, this panel is a game-changer in simplifying the baker's daily routine. The panel offers a seamless weekly scheduling system with precise temperature settings, automatic start and stop functions, recipe management down to the second, allowing you to fine-tune baking temperature, steam settings, and auditory alerts for key events.

Moreover, this control panel not only streamlines the baker's workflow but also contributes to reducing the overall operational costs and lowering the energy consumption at the bakery. It comes equipped with energy-saving functions, as well as energy and cost analytics, enabling you to easily monitor energy consumption and cost per batch, and more. The baking settings are so user-friendly that anyone can initiate the baking process effortlessly.

SD Touch 2  smart panel for bakery rack ovens

Main Features

SD Touch II is compatible with Sveba Connect
Connect to the Cloud
• Sveba Connect.
• Get panel updates with a simple click.
• Get an overview of all connected ovens, service info and statistics.
• Upload and download recipes with a simple click.
SD Touch 2 - Half-rack function adjust baking to how full the rack is.
Half-Rack Function
• Adjusts the temperature, steam and baking time with saved settings according to how full the rack is.
• Activate with one click in recipe mode.​​​​​​
SD Touch II panel rack oven deck oven forced fan Sveba Dahlen
<strong>Forced fan function</strong><br /> • Run forced fan to quickly get down to a lower set temperature.<br /> • Activate function and set desired temperature in service menu.<br /> • Run function when oven door is open.<br />
SD Touch 2 - full control of the baking process with second precision for recipes
Save recipe function
• Save manual baking settings with a simple click.
• Set the exact time: minutes and seconds for every step in the recipe.
• Set time for temperatures, steam, damper, rotation and fan control.
SD Touch 2 Week schedule - start / stop time for oven
• Set temperature and start/-stop time for the week.
• The oven is heated when you arrive at the bakery in the morning.
SD Touch 2 - Keep track of energy consumption and cost with statistic graphs
• See energy- and cost graphs as long as a year back in time.
SD Touch II Panel Cake function when baking light or sensitive products Sveba Dahlen
<strong>Cake function</strong><br /> • Cake function controls when the fans should be on and when they should be off during a recipe.<br /> • Control how many % of a recipe the fans should be active and how many second it should be acitive / inactive in pulse-like sequences.<br /> • Set time for when the fans should start in the recipe.<br /> • Developed for baking light- and sensitive products which can be damaged by the fans airflow.<br />
SD Touch II panel for rack ovens deck ovens cleaning mode Sveba Dahlen
Cleaning mode
• Icon for Cleaning mode in user interface.
• Press for 2 seconds to enter panel cleaning mode.
• When active, the cleaning screen appears and you wont be able to make any settings or pressing anything by mistake when cleaning with a papper or cloth.
• Activate icon in service menu and set countdown time (standard is 20 seconds).
SD Touch II Control Panel Shop Execution Sveba Dahlen
Shop execution
• When active, the panel only shows Recipe and Settings (pin code needed).
• No baking settings can be changed.
• Perfect for shops with unfamiliar users.
SD Touch II function extra baking time add 2 minutes with one click Sveba Dahlen
Extra baking time
• Icon for adding 2 minutes extra baking time on the screen for finished baking sequence.
• Add 2 minutes extra baking time with one click if extra baking time is needed.
SD Touch User-friendly panel with swipe function
User-friendly Interface
• Easy to learn and manage.
• Finger swipe function.
SD Touch 2 - User-friendly touch screen with finger swipe function
<strong>Modern touch screen</strong> <br /> • Finger swipe function.<br /> • High definition screen.<br /> • Screen in level with the oven plate, makes it easy to clean.
SD Touch Alarm signal
Alarm signals
• 3 preset signals - Alarm, Attention and Ready to bake.

Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly interface - easy to learn, easy to use.
  • Manual baking or recipe baking.
  • Easy to operate and set desired bake settings.
  • Easy to create recipes: gets sorted in numbers and in alphabetical order.
  • Create detailed recipes with timing in minutes and seconds.
  • User-friendly text editing tool – simply enter and edit texts.
  • Fast processor with high memory capacity.
  • Rapid cooling of the oven chamber with forced fan function.
  • Touch-screen with high resolution - high visibility.
  • Modern touch scroll / swipe functions.
  • Easy to clean: leveled with the oven plate, no frames.
  • Cleaning mode icon, activate the mode and the panel will lock for 20 seconds for cleaning. Wipe the panel without making any mindless clicks and settings.
  • Lighting selectable even when the oven is switched off.
  • Fast temperature control – raise/lower the heat quickly.
  • Hotkey to add 2 minutes of baking time at the end of a baking sequence.
  • Half-rack function, adjust the temperature, steam and baking time according to how full the oven rack is.
  • Cake function / Cake function for pastries and products that need less air flow. The function activates the fans only start after the specified time. After that, the fans start and turn off repetitively at the desired time interval.
  • Shop Execution - limiting menu to Recipe mode to make sure no baking settings are being changed. To be used in shops etc. where staff might be unfamiliar with baking and the oven.
  • Eco-mode functionality - set fan speed (option), lighting, temperature and more for when the oven is in standby. When Eco-mode is active, an icon with the text Eco appears in the panel's user interface.
  • Weekly schedule:  set temperature and  start / stop time for the week. The oven is heated when you arrive at the bakery in the morning.
  • Sveba Connect - Cloud Solution (option).
  • Service information: see software version and serial number for oven and panel.
  • Energy measurements and statistics.
  • 27 languages.
  • Menus in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Backup function for the SD Touch II’s settings.
  • Separated panel and I/O card reduce maintenance and warranty costs.
  • Handles most types of USB sticks for importing and exporting recipes, images, software updates and extracting logs.
  • Automatic transition between Standard time and Daylight Saving Time (DST).

SD Touch II panel - Create a new recipe

SD Touch II panel - Manual baking

SD Touch II panel - Setup oven schedule

SD Touch II - Eco mode and energy settings

SD Touch II panel - Add recipe to favourites

SD Touch II panel - Turn on lights

SD Touch II panel - Update panel firmware with USB-drive

SD Touch II panel - Half Rack function

SD Touch II panel - Energy consumption and cost graph

SD Touch II panel - Import recipes and recipe images from USB-drive

SD Touch II panel - Export recipes to USB-drive

SD Touch II panel - Open and close damper

SD Touch II panel - Rotate rack when oven door is open

SD Touch II panel - Update Firmware with USB-Drive

SD Touch II panel - Service menu, Energy settings

SD Touch II panel - Service menu, User settings