Service Technician

The everyday life of a service technician consists of many contacts with customers. The job involves installing new machines for our friendly customers, working with preventative services by way of signed maintenance agreements and acting in a sales support role for market-leading products. A service technician needs to know all our machines inside and out, act as technical problem solver and possess mechanical skills. It is a social role where the focus is on customer service and also one in which you can influence future machines by relaying valuable information from our customers back to the company.

The greatest part of the working day is spent at customer premises. The position includes a lot of travel. Both in Sweden and abroad, and this can result in a number of overnight stays each month. Our Service Technicians have an important role to play since the work also includes emergency call-outs. No baker or confectioner wants an idle oven!

-    “The best thing about my job is that it offers a lot of variety and allows me a great degree of freedom under responsibility. And of course, it’s assisting our customers. I also like to travel and have come along so far in my skills as a technician, that now for the most part I almost only make trips abroad. It suits me well – I've seen a great deal of the world through my job”, says Anders Carlsson.