Fast support in your smartphone

Fast, cost-effective support anywhere at anytime with our digital and interactive support service Sveba Reality

Digital interactive service and support solution in your smartphone

Service and support - expert help is just one call away! Sveba Reality gives you the support you need – where and when you need it. Connected through a call link to the Sveba Support team you will get instant support anywhere at any time. Together you collaborate in an interactive environment where speech, video and guiding tools combined makes for faster problem resolution. 

  • Easy to start. Easy to use.
  • Fast, efficient and affordable support in an instant.
  • Interaction through interactive video and voice call.
  • The technician connects to your mobile camera.
  • The technician sees what you see through your smart phone camera.
  • Remote guidance, support and problem solving through live video.
  • Effective and collaborative problem solving between user and technician.
  • Hardware and software independent - works regardless of platform or device.
  • No mobile application or software needed.
  • Fast connection through clickable link.
Solve minor errors and make correct settings with interactive service solution Sveba Reality
Technician connects to your smartphone camera and sees what you see. With pointer or hands overlay the technician can point and show you where to perform an action.

Tools for remote guidance

  • Live guidance through video call.  
  • The technician gets connected to your live video.
  • Voice - Like in an ordinary phone call, you and the technician can speak to each other.
  • Pointer – Point and highlight specific parts and areas in the live video, where to click, which part to change, switch off / on and more.
  • Hands overlay - The technician hand gets proj-ected in the video on your phone in real time, to show where to perform an action.
  • Draw - Support can draw on captured still images of your video to highlight important parts.
  • Text - The technician can send text messages live to the phone.
  • Zoom - Don't miss any important details.
  • Screen share - the technician shares his screen, pictures or documents for further guidance.
  • Record - Possiblity to record a video of your session.
Sveba Reality is a way for fast troubleshooting, no unneccessary downtime in the bakery
Example of technician using hand overlay together with text instructions to guide the customer
how to solve a problem. The text message and the hand overlay is seen on the customers