Sveba Dahlen Business Concept

Sveba Dahlen will develop, manufacture and sell user-friendly ovens and baking equipment of high quality. Our ambition is to provide products that deliver the best baking results at the lowest cost of ownership and thereby be an attractive choice.


‘User-friendly’ means that our equipment is intuitive and easy to operate, allowing work efficiency. All user interfaces, from handles to the touch panel, are designed with the user in mind.


High Quality

‘High quality’ is founded on our industrial heritage, which infuses our equipment with sturdy reliability. We meet the high demand of professional users.


Best Baking Results

‘Best baking results’ means that we understand the impact which the right temperature, steam, airflow and rotation have on the baking results. Control over the baking process is key to the success of the professional user.


Lowest Cost of Ownership

‘Lowest cost of ownership’ means that we understand that there are more aspects to profitability than a low purchase price. Quality and high level of energy efficiency have a significant, positive impact on lifetime cost.