Tastier Profits

Your recipes are none of our business. On the other hand, we know that profitable baking is more than just delicious food. Sveba Dahlen's unique total concept makes sure all the ingredients lead to business.

One good thing leads to another
In Sveba Dahlen's overall thinking everything is connected. Functions and refinements are not isolated qualities, but affect many areas at the sam time. For example, an energy efficient part may simultaneously contribute to more economic baking, a better working environment, a tastier end product and better surroundings. Energy efficiency fits this thinking well by providing many short and long-term benefits. Especially since it all leads to better business.

Good taste equals profits
The combination of efficient hardware and energy optimized software means energy savings of at least 35% is possible. Of course, the innovations that make this possible must not affect baking negatively. You need to deliver baked goods that are just as delicious, if not better, to your customers. After all, it is what allows you to sell your products. Megaflow is an innovation that ably illustrates this. Megaflow supplies more air to the oven, but at the same speed as before and becase the flow of air is kept constant throughout the oven chamber, no bread is at risk of drying out. Which means more even, efficient and tastier baking.

Heat distribution
Increased Baking Surface (IBS) is another innovation we are proud of. The patented system alternately rotates in the oven so that the products are baked with equal heat on all sides. Baking is quicker, more even and energy efficient - resulting in better flavour and better business.

Full head of system
We also looked at disruptions to production very carefully. This resulted in a steam system we call Cascad. The system comprises aluminum and stainless steel bars and provides powerful, pure steam very quickly. Oven recovery is therefore very quick, which allows continual baking without stoppages. 

Tastier profit