Moulder - MO300

Flexible moulder for most bakeries. The Glimek MO300 long moulder is designed for maintaining quality of the dough and to increase the productivity. MO300 provides firm support and assure consistent size and shape of the baked product, resulting in more efficient production and easier maintenance. It can be called the true Scandinavian origin of moulder for loaves, baguettes, buns or even round bread/pizzas.

The MO300 long moulder is equipped with a centrally-adjustable infeed, which corrects the positioning of the dough pieces and it has a working width up to 650 mm. The capacity is up to 3000 pieces/hour and a weight range between 30-1800 grams (subject to capacity and dough characteristics). The moulder is easy to set up and to operate, and it has a foldable pressure board for easy cleaning. Be more productive and maintain the high quality of your products with the MO300 moulder.

Flexible Dough Weight


Machine that is easy to move

Easy to Clean

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Easy to operate. Easy to set up. Uncomplicated design.

Pressure board with dual V shaped profiles for gentle and effective shaping of the dough.

Centrally adjustable infeed enables a correct positioning of the dough piece.

Flexible - many different doughs and end products (form and weight).

Two pair of adjustable pressure rollers with spring loaded scrapers for easy cleaning. One pair is 250 mm wide and the other is 400 mm wide.

Pressure board 650 x 1100 mm with two wedges is foldable, and can be locked in an upright position for easy cleaning.

Collection tray with two positions enables straight line outfeed.

Blue plastic parts for better detection and food safety.

Parallel adjustable side guides in stainless steel for more efficient positioning (option).

Motorized pressure board (option).

Lower side guides 10 mm (option).

Handles on left or right side must be indicated upon order (see drawing below).

Woven belt that prevents moisture buildup, keeping the dough's ideal texture and shape, unlike other belts that can make it sticky.

Infeed conveyor enables use together with Intermediate Pocket Proofer with low execution, can also be used without IPP (option).


  • Height extension 100 mm (standard is 590 mm plus wheels 140 mm).
  • Leaning hopper for better side access to infeed (left or right, must be indicated upon order).
  • Infeed conveyor for low intermediate pocket proofer.
  • Lower side guides – 10 mm, non-stick coated
  • Motorized pressure board – capacity 1800 pcs/h. 
  • Counter rotating with fixed speed. (Affects power supply, plus 0.55 kW, totally 1.65 kW)
  • Parallel adjustable side guides:
    20 mm in food approved plastic
    10 mm non-stick coated
  • Three fixed knives mounted through the pressure board for 4-pieces (distance to be stated)
  • Three adjustable knives under pressure board
  • Stainless Steel Frame

Key features

Dough moulder MO300 with tiltable safety cover for easy cleaning

Easy to clean

Pressure board can be locked in an upright position and the safety cover is tiltable which facilitates cleaning.

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Collection tray catches the dough after moulding Moulder MO300 glimek

Collection tray

Collection tray with two positions which catches the dough pieces after the moulding, enables straight line outfeed.

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Technical Specifications

Capacity range: Up to 3000 pcs/h.
Weight range, subject to capacity and dough characteristics: 30-1800 gr.
Working width: Up to 650 mm.

Fuse (amp): 16A
Power supply: 1.1 kW.