Sébastien Boudet runs an authentic artisan bakery in Söder, Stockholm

With his passion for genuine small-scale craftsmanship, slow processes and organically grown ingredients, Sébastien Boudet took the leap to start his own artisan bakery, “Sébastien på Söder”, in Stockholm in 2018. For a long time Sébastien’s main interest was in cultural cereals and local producers that put quality before quantity. It was therefore a natural step for the bakery to head in that direction from the start. Today, the bakery offers sourdough bread, sweet bread, buns and pastries as well as pizza. It makes everything from scratch, from separating fresh milk to producing homemade chocolate. The bakery uses local producers and also sells the raw materials it uses over the counter. This has turned out to be a recipe for success, as the bakery's turnover today amounts to SEK 9 million per annum and there are 12 employees.

It wasn’t a given that Sveba Dahlen would supply the baking machines to “Sébastien på Söder” because Sébastien had previously always used Bongard products for baking. But after getting the opportunity to try out Sveba Dahlen's baking machines at the “Smaka på Stockholm” (Taste of Stockholm) event, a food festival in the capital, he was hooked:

- “I'm impressed with the ovens. We have a small deck oven and actually they don’t usually bake very well, but the one from Sveba Dahlen bakes extremely well and evenly - surprisingly evenly! We can even bake flatbread as it can be set to 330 degrees.

Our machine selection also includes a small pizza oven, which we are now starting to grow out of. Therefore, at full capacity, one of the decks in the stone oven is also used for pizzas. However, this is provisional as plans are being made to invest in a larger pizza oven in the future.” Sébastien goes on to say:

- “The S-Series rack oven is fantastic - it is on all day, between 10 in the morning and 7 in the evening. Previously, I have mostly used stone ovens but this bakes everything! Pastries; always bake well, crème brulées are great etc...”

Sébastien is a well-known enthusiast within the Swedish bakery world. He has long been a source of inspiration for bakers and gives lectures in baking techniques, cultural cereals and bakery. How, then, does Sébastien envisage the future and what is he inspired by?

- “I want to continue to work with the whole thing, with the craft and to take it into the future! I am old-fashioned and work with artisan methods with changing products. There is no template for what I do – I bake using the raw materials I have at the time!

- It's the same with me no matter what I get into – I like the entirety of a thing. That's why I like Sveba Dahlen, you work with the whole picture and those who work with you really want the best for the bakery! If I come across a problem, I know I have help at hand.