Pizza Oven - P-Series

Are you looking for a top-tier commercial pizza oven for your restaurant? Look no further than the Sveba Dahlen electric pizza oven! Our state-of-the-art pizza oven is specifically designed for professional kitchens, delivering exceptional and evenly distributed heat that outperforms other commercial ovens on the market.

Key Features of the Sveba Dahlen Commercial Pizza Oven

  • Superior Heat Distribution: Equipped with two temperature sensors and adjustable top, bottom, and front heat settings, ensuring consistent and perfect pizza baking every time.
  • Ergonomic Design: Made in Sweden with a solid, robust compression-spring door construction, stainless steel bead-blasted finish, and cool-touch handles for maximum convenience and durability.
  • Energy Efficiency: Benefit from unmatched energy efficiency with automatic temperature regulation and a turbo function that requires no manual adjustments.

Why Choose Sveba Dahlen for Your Restaurant?

  • Optimize Your Kitchen Operations: Our pizza oven’s excellent insulating properties create an optimal working environment, making it the preferred choice for professional pizza chefs.
  • Focus on Innovation: With the Sveba Dahlen commercial pizza oven, restaurants can explore new pizza trends and toppings without worrying about oven performance.
  • Boost Your Culinary Success: Reliable, convenient, and efficient, the Sveba Dahlen pizza oven empowers pizza establishments to thrive and stand out in a competitive market.

Join the ranks of top-rated pizza restaurants by choosing the Sveba Dahlen electric pizza oven. Elevate your culinary creations and ensure customer satisfaction with every slice.

Heating System

Energy Efficiency

Low maintenance costs

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Standard model includes: Canopy, pizza stones, two pull-out shelves, 
standard digital panel, legs and castors.

Pizza stones. 
Thicker stones that retains heat better. Makes the pizzas evenly baked with perfect crisp.

Energy efficient pizza oven with very even heat distribution. 
The new generation of pizza ovens.

High efficiency heating system with reliable heating elements and two temperature 
sensors. The heat is distributed quickly and efficiency to reach the right temperature 
and this is retained during throughout baking.

Top, bottom and front heat settings.

Automatic Turbo start function. 
Automatically heats up the oven quickly to the set temperature. Demands no manual setup from the user.

Digital control panel.
Makes the oven both energy efficient and easy to use.

Energy saving timer.
Save energy when there is less to do in the restaurant.

Weekly timer.
Programmable week timer with start and stop settings. Plan your week and arrive to 
an already heated oven.

Indicator for service.
Demands manual setting.

Strong insulation.
Retains the heat inside the oven. Energy efficient and cost saving.

Effective working high temperature resistant double halogen lighting. 
Provides whiter and more intensive working light than standard bulbs. 

Strong, spring loaded precision-built door with ergonomic, cool handles.
Robust, easy to open and keep clean.

Robust legs with lockable wheels. P200 has adjustable legs 82-120 mm as standard.
Keeps the oven in place and enable it to be moved for cleaning.

AC guard. Makes it possible to connect the oven to a smaller circuit breaker.
The oven distributes the power to the decks that needs it most.

Max baking temperature 350°C / 662 °F.


  • Beyond Black - Design in black stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating that protects the surface from smudge and facilitates cleaning. The magic touch of black sets the design to the next level (Available with P201, P202, P401, P402, P403, P601,P602,P603).
  • Without sturdy legs with lockable wheels and pull out shelves*** (Not available in P201, P202).
  • Door with double glazed window per deck.
  • Separated Power Supplies (Not available in P201, P401, P601).
  • Dissassembled decks  (Not available in P201, P202, P401, P601).
  • Without sturdy legs with lockable wheels and pull out shelves***.
  • Separated Power Supplies (Not available in P801, P801D).
  • Dissassembled decks (Not available in P801, P801D).

***  Legs, two shelves and wheels are standard (exception P201, P202). The price is deducted if not needed. Can be ordered separately.

Key features

P-Series standard panel

The P-Series standard panel is specially designed for our pizza ovens. The panel is extremely user friendly with easy and logical buttons and displays.

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Solid door

The solid door construction equipped with an excellent compression spring system offers easy opening and closing.

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Pizza Oven P-Series heat reflecting glass in door sveba dahlen

Heat reflecting glass

The P-Series is well-insulated and equipped with heat reflecting glass and twin temperature sensors. These features help retain heat and ensure a consistent temperature in the oven chamber.

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Technical Specifications

Internal dimensions (mm)1x 710x3602x 710x3601x 710x7202x 710x7203x 710x7201x 1065x7202x 1065x720
Capacity of 35 cm pizzas2 pizzas4 pizzas4 pizzas8 pizzas12 pizzas6 pizzas12 pizzas
External dimensions (BxHxD* mm)1120 x 677 x 5911120 x 977 x 5911120 x 1725 x 9151120 x 825 x 9151120 x 1925 x 9151475 x 1725 x 9151475 x 1825 x 915
Fuse (amp)16A16A16A25A32A16A32A
Power supply3.6 kW7.1 kW6.7 kW13.4 kW20.1 kW9.5 kW19.0 kW
Internal dimensions (mm)3x 1065x7201x 1420x7201x 1420x8652x 1420x7202x 1420x8653x 1420x7203x 1420x865
Capacity of 35 cm pizzas18 pizzas8 pizzas8 pizzas16 pizzas16 pizzas24 pizzas24 pizzas
External dimensions  (BxHxD* mm)1475 x 1925 x 9151830 x 1725 x 9151830 x 1725 x 10601830 x 1825 x 9151830 x 1825 x 10601830 x 1925 x 9151830 x 1925 x 1060
Fuse (amp)50A25A25A40A50A63A80A
Power supply28.5 kW12.4 kW14.4 kW24.8 kW28.7 kW37.2 kW43.1 kW

*     Depth with canopy: 95 mm extra.