Steam Function for Deck Oven

Sveba Dahlen's deck ovens feature a generously adapted steam system that optimizes bread's ability to rise and achieve the right crust character. A plentiful amount of steam is rapidly and explosively dispersed throughout the entire oven chamber at an optimal steam temperature. 

The steam adds heat to the bread and gives it an energy boost during the initial baking phase, which contributes to crust formation. Our steam never leaves any water puddles on the baking stone when used correctly.

When the steam meets the dough, it condenses into water, creating a thin film over the dough's surface. This thin layer of condensation helps keep the surface moist and elastic. The resulting toughness provides the bread with ideal conditions to rise without cracking. The steam also helps add high gloss, golden color, increased aroma, and flavor. The term "oven spring" refers to the rapid and significant swelling of the bread during the initial minutes of baking in the oven. It's a crucial phase in the baking process that affects the bread's structure and shape.

During the start of baking, as the dough is exposed to heat, the gases inside the bread, formed by yeast or sourdough, expand. This creates a rapid pressure increase inside the dough, resulting in a significant swelling and expansion of the bread, and it's at this point that the moist, tough, elastic surface is vital to avoid cracked and misshaped bread. Oven spring is thus responsible for giving the bread its desired shape, volume, and structure.

Sveba Dahlen Steam Function Steam System Bread Bakery Deck Oven
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Optimized Steam Function

  • Fast and explosive steam function. 
  • Generous and even distribution of steam throughout the oven chamber. 
  • Programmable steam function with automatic start. 
  • Creates an even layer of condensation over the dough, creating ideal conditions for bread growth. 
  • Contributes to bread with increased volume, taste, aroma, and golden color. 
  • Does not leave residual water pools in the oven. 
  • Excess steam is vented to prevent wear. 
  • Quick recovery, steam is rapidly ready for the next bake.

To achieve optimal effect, it's crucial that steam is distributed quickly after the dough is placed in the oven. A room-temperature dough favors better condensation. Therefore, the reaction time of Sveba Dahlen's steam system is swift, preventing the dough from overheating before steam activation. The steam system starts immediately at the baking time or, if desired, according to the baker's own oven recipe, regardless of which of our control panels the oven has.

The steam generator constantly regulates heat towards the preset temperature, ensuring reliable steam quality and production. The time the steam is active can also be adjusted depending on the baked goods and desired result. The deck ovens' steam generator has a quick recovery time and is ready for a new batch after about 10–12 minutes.

Excess steam is channeled from the steam generator via a hose to a steam trap at the back of the oven to prevent rust and wear. The individual steam generator for each deck is placed on the side of the oven to minimize space requirements. Extra deep deck ovens are equipped with double steam generators per deck for optimal results.

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