Sveba Dahlen Pizza High Temp electrical pizza oven 500 degrees celsius 932 farenheit stone baked neapolitan pizza

We are now launching the High Temp Pizza Oven!

Pizza High Temp bakes at 500°C / 932°F, and its Italian stones have been developed in collaboration with pizza bakers from Italy.
This electrical pizza oven offers pizza without firewood, fire and smoke in only 60 to 120 seconds! 

Launch date February 1st 2020.

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The F-Series proofer concept belongs to a new generation of proofers jointly developed with bakers from all over the world. Smart functions are given high priority to simplify and streamline everyday workflows at the bakery. 

Launch date is March 2nd 2020.

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Sveba Connect - A recipe for successful baking

Want to increase your profitability and strengthen your brand while at the same time ensuring the quality of your bread? Sveba Connect can help you with that! By using modern technology and connected ovens in the Sveba Connect cloud service solution. 
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