Sveba Dahlen iba 2023 munich find us in the middleby booth Hall B1 Stand 150

Meet us at IBA

Visit us in the Middleby booth, B1.150

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Sveba Dahlen Middleby Host 2023 Milano Pizza Oven, Instore Baking Oven

Visit Sveba Dahlen at host

We are participating the Middleby stand - 
Middleby Innovation Alley 
Hall 2P - F59-H60

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Dough make-up line 6000 pcs per hour glimek

Dough make-up line BL600

Produce up to 6000 pcs/h / 100 pcs/min.
See it live at iba!

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Tunnel Oven Artista Deli pizza bread bakery launch IBIE best in baking Sveba Dahlen Middleby NEW

New Tunnel Oven - Artista Deli

Simply luxury handcrafted! 

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Beyond Black Pizza Oven five new sizes electric pizza oven for restaurants Sveba Dahlen

Beyond Black Pizza Oven

Now in eight sizes!

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Combination oven S-Series king of combinations mini rack oven, deck oven, proofer Sveba dahlen

39 oven combinations

The King of Combination Oven.

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buy rack oven with best baking results bakery oven sveba dahlen

Bakery Rack Ovens

Buy rack ovens of highest quality for your bakery. We manufacture and develop rack ovens for the bakery industry.

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Buy rack ovens, pizza ovens, bakery ovens, dough handling machines, industrial ovens of highest quality from Sveba Dahlen

Where we operate and compete!

Buy deck ovens, rack ovens, pizza ovens, industrial ovens, tunnel ovens, bakery ovens, proofers and dough lines, dough processing machines of highest quality from Sveba Dahlen and Glimek.

Connect your ovens to the cloud download recipes statistics information Sveba Connect

Sveba Connect - the recipe for successful baking is in the cloud

Increase your profitability, ensure the quality of your bread, monitor all of your bakery’s connected ovens online, collect information about usage and performance, optimize procedures, central software updates, save, distribute, download, and share recipes

I want to be part of the future of baking

Bakery Rack Ovens

Buy rack ovens of highest quality for the bakery business. We manufacture rack ovens of all sizes for bakeries. Ovens for cafes, instore bakeries, bakeries and industrial bakeries. Wheater you bake on a tray or multiple tray racks, we have the baking oven for you!

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Sveba Dahlen deck oven – The original way of baking

Baking is passion! The D-Series deck oven reflects this by delivering baking results of the highest standard. A silent oven that really stands out with its well-considered functions. The radiation cover spreads the heat, and the stones store it, so you don’t need to use more energy than necessary. If you’ve got the passion, we’ve got the recipe!

Sveba Dahlen – your partner in successful baking.

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How does a bread line from Glimek work?

A bread line is a profitable investment for a bakery! The bread line is designed to enable a single person to deliver high-quality dough handling from start to finish. In other words, fewer staff need to be employed on the line than is usually the case. The time saved can instead be spent restocking goods on display in the store or dealing with purchases, etc.


How does a glimek bread line for bakery production work bread production dough production