Deck Oven - D-Series

Four deck baking oven D-Series D43
High capacity bakery deck oven d-series d43 with four decks. Premium baking oven for bakeries and confectionery
Slim baking oven D-Series D11 with one deck. Bake all from stone baked sour dough bread to confectionary in the store bakery
Premium deck oven for bakeries, D-Series D22 - bake amazing bread and pastries at the same time with 2 decks
Flexible baking with 3 decks, bake different products with multiple decks - D-Series D32 Deck Oven from Sveba Dahlen
Extra wide deck oven for higher capacity - D-Series D32e bakes loafs,sour dough bread and more to perfection
The D-Series is available in five basic sizes, up to five decks for max capacity - robust, reliable and energy-efficient baking
bakery deck oven D-Series can be equipped with stone sole in one or more decks - bake amazing stone baked bread with Sveba Dahlen oven
D-Series double glass
D-Series grid
D-Series bread close-up

A reliable deck oven that works for both confectionary and bakeries.
The D-Series consists of robust, reliable and energy-efficient ovens with double temperature sensors to ensure an even heat distribution throughout the oven interior, which gives excellent baking results. The model selection is broad, which makes the series suitable for different types and sizes of bakery. The deck oven is also modular, allowing the possible addition of up to five decks.

The deck oven is available in five different widths and is heated by electricity. It is well insulated, which leads to a good working environment while also using less energy. The heating elements are placed inside the all-welded oven and regulate the top, bottom and front heating evenly. The oven is also equipped with a power guard that monitors and controls the power output. The deck oven is equipped with radiation cover and turbo function, which means that it quickly reaches the desired baking temperature. 

The few moving parts of the oven along with its robust handle and seals that can withstand high temperatures makes it easy to clean and maintain. The sections come apart for easier assembly in small spaces. Equipped with a stone sole and steam, this is an incredibly flexible oven that offers endless possibilities in professional baking of sourdough bread, bread and more delicate baked goods for a reasonable price.

Heating System

Energy Efficiency

Low maintenance costs

Modular design

Stone baked bread (option)


Five basic sizes. All types of bakeries. Bakes both confectionary and bread.
Adaptable to most bakeries.

Precision-built oven doors.
Gives the door a smooth action and ensures convenient and safe handling.

Effective working halogen lighting. 
Provides whiter and more intensive working light than standard bulbs.

Reliable heating elements. Turbo function. Heats up the oven quickly to the set temperature. 
Specially selected for relability and rapid response.

Radiation cover.
Protects more delicate products during baking.

Available in five standard widths and up to five sections in height, standard crown height 160 mm, optional height 220 mm available.
Suited for most tray and bread sizes.

Designed in a flexible module system with many options. 
Gives each bakery the ability to create the oven that best suits their needs.

Each oven section can be individually controlled with separate settings of the top, bottom and front heat. 
Full control of the baking process.

High quality door gasket and well insulated oven chamber.    
Keeps the heat inside the oven. 

Stainless steel front.
Maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean.

Aluminium legs with standard castors.

Dual temperature sensors.

Tray grid.

A range of options such as steam generator and stone hearth. 
Makes the D-Series adaptable to all the customers’ needs. 

Can be delivered with underbuilt proofer with sliding glass doors. 
The inside is built completely in stainless materials to ensure a long service-life, simple cleaning, and low maintenance costs. 

SD-Touch panel (option).
Easy to handle, understand and programme.

Condensation unit (option).

Max baking temperature 330°C.


  • SD-Touch control panel per deck.
  • D1+ control panel per deck.
  • Analogue control panel per deck.
  • Crown h. 220 mm per deck**.
  • Built-in steam generator with steam trap per deck 1.8 kW*.
  • Common water connections per deck.
  • Stone sole per deck.
  • Door Solid per deck (no window). 
  • Door Solid high oven chamber per deck (no window).
  • Door with double glazed window per deck.
  • Door with double glazed window high oven chamber per deck.
  • High temp. model incl. 350°C proof ceramic glass in doors per deck. Effect: D1: +5.4kW*, D2: +7.9kW*, D2E: +10.4kW*, D3: +12.9kW*, (not with D4).
  • High temp. model for high oven chamber incl. 350°C proof ceramic glass in doors per deck. Effect: D1: +5.4kW*, D2: +7.9kW*, D2E: +10.4kW*, D3: +12.9kW*, (not with D4).
  • Pull-out shelf (not with D4).
  • Shelf stand (not with D4).
  • Canopy.
  • Stainless steel baking chamber per deck.
  • Condensation unit with canopy.
  • Water Filter.


If separate decks are ordered 

  • Separate deck section for extension of existing ovens.
  • Extra kit: Top and bottom.
  • Extra kit: Top and bottom, SD-Touch.

Key features

Double, tempered glass

Double, tempered glass provides energy savings as the heat is retained and the temperature is uniform throughout the oven. Cooler, ergonomic handle for a better grip.

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Optimized temperature control

Optimized temperature control and minimised heat loss from the oven chamber allows the bread to be evenly baked and avoids the need of being moved around inside the oven chamber.

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SD-Touch Panel

SD-Touch Panel is a highly user-friendly and intelligent display which makes it easy to bake high quality pastries and bread.

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Technical Specifications

Model & Technical D1 D2 D2E D3 D4
Max. tray size mm 600 x 800 2 x 470 x 800 2 x 600 x 800 3 x 470 x 800 4 x 470 x 800
3 x 600 x 800
Internal measurement  mm 635 x 820 950 x 820 1265 x 820 1580 x 820 1895 x 820
Baking (stone/steel plate) surface mm 630 x 804 945 x 804 1260 x 804 1575 x 804 1890 x 804
Power kW per deck 5.0 6.9 8.8 10.7 12.6
1-deck oven D11 D12 D12E D13 D14
2-deck oven D21 D22 D22E D23 D24
3-deck oven D31 D32 D32E D33 D34
4-deck oven D41 D42 D42E D43 D44
5-deck oven D51 D52 D52E D53 D54