Prevent unwanted downtime!

Sveba Dahlen’s service offering includes everything from telephone support to maintenance, service and repair. With our professional attitude and efficient organization, we help you to avoid any unwanted operational downtime and lost production. We recommend the annual servicing of equipment by our expertly trained industrial technicians. Regular servicing is a preventive measure that increases both the operational reliability and service life of tunnel ovens and fermentation lines alike. Servicing ensures the best possible operational reliability, and gives you peace of mind.


Reduce expensive repair bills

The regular maintenance of machines reduces a company’s costs in the long run – just like servicing a car! By means of a thorough service, together with regular and forward-thinking maintenance, you avoid invisible, unexpected and expensive costs, helping to ensure the dependability and security of your production – both in terms of finance and of your products.


Extend the service life of the machines

Regular maintenance extends the service life of your machines, but also ensures the increased reliability of your supply and secures your bakery’s production. The service is based on what your machine needs. The maintenance program is unique for each oven and each machine. We have thorough documentation for every tunnel oven and fermentation line we supply, and we possess good insights and knowledge regarding when each machine will be in need of service, and what will need to be done. All actions performed as part of machine maintenance are always documented. This provides us with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the service history of each and every machine.


Spare parts

As you would expect, we provide spare parts, and we make sure that we keep the most frequently used components in stock to ensure fast delivery. Please contact us if you would like more information, or if you wish to enquire about a spare part.



Mattias Nilsson
Industrial Project Manager

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