Industrial Baking Solutions

We are experts in supplying industrial baking solutions. From unit machinery to total baking systems.

Industrial Production Lines

The dough is being prepared in the customer adapted industrial production line.
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Industrial Proofers

We have more than 40 years of experience of manufacturing industrial proofers, all proofers are adapted to the oven capacity.
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Industrial Ovens and Tunnel Ovens

We offer and manufactor customer adapted Industrial Ovens and Tunnel Ovens for a wide range of end products.
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Customer adapted industrial baking solutions

We are experts in supplying industrial baking solutions. 
From unit machinery to total baking systems.

A concept built on sensibility to the customers demand, close communication, world-leading trademarks and well-trained personell at all levels.

With over 400 tunnel ovens produced and delivered, many to some of the world’s most well known bakeries and food producers, Sveba Dahlen is firmly established as a leading manufacturer in the industrial bakery segment. Our production of tunnel-ovens began in 1955, and some of them are still in use today – after half a century of continuous production.
The foundation of a Sveba Dahlen tunnel oven consists of carefully selected components that are designed for continuous production.
Sveba Dahlen tunnel ovens are known for their flexibility, energy efficiency and reliability. The modular design of both the electric and gas-heated version allows for the oven to be upgraded with additional zones, should production needs change over time. In recent years, as food culture is evolving and bakeries need higher capacity, our tunnel-ovens have become increasingly popular worldwide. We offer mixing systems, makeup lines, conveyor systems, final proofers industrial ovens and tunnel ovens for different kind of products.

Tunnel Oven