Pizza Vichinga – Develop your pizza concept – 1 oven 2 temps!

Pizza Vichinga is our new electric pizza oven that allows the restaurant to develop its pizza concept overnight! This is the oven that takes the concept of multi-tasking seriously, as it is a combination of a pizza oven where the pizza chef bakes classic pizza on the lower deck, which maintains a maximum temperature of 350°C/662°F, and perfectly baked Neapolitan pizza on the upper deck, reaching a maximum temperature of 500°C/932°F.

Pizza Vichinga is an electric pizza oven, which means the pizza chef never needs to arrange for wood and fire, which also exposes both staff and guests to smoke. Instead, the oven is ready when the pizzaiolo chooses it to be. It maintains the desired temperature and bakes the pizzas evenly without drying them out. Additionally, the surface of the Neapolitan pizza gets the traditional, often puffy and slightly charred appearance known as the "Cornicione pattern," and its bottom gets the characteristic leopard pattern, a result of the high temperature causing rapid fermentation and developing distinct charred spots on the crust. This leopard spotting is an important characteristic of Neapolitan pizza as it adds both flavor and texture to the base. Thus, the spots are a sign of a well-made, authentic Neapolitan pizza! Of course, the baking result in a Pizza Vichinga oven is the same every time!

The Pizza Vichinga oven gives the pizza chef greater freedom in everyday life to deliver both classic pizzas and traditional Neapolitan pizzas. In addition, the Pizza Vichinga oven works perfectly if you want to offer pita bread, naan bread, lavash, etc., i.e., products with shorter baking times and a higher degree of moisture. This adds another dimension to what the pizzeria or restaurant can offer its guests without having to invest in additional ovens.

The Pizza Vichinga oven comes in two sizes. The P402V model bakes 4 pizzas with a diameter of 35 cm per deck, a total of 8 pizzas at a time. The P602V has space for 6 pizzas with a diameter of 35 cm per deck, totaling 12 pizzas at a time. Note that the pizzas on the upper deck have a baking time of only 60 to 120 seconds, allowing for more pizzas to be produced during the time the classic pizza is baked on the lower deck. A standard pizza bakes for about 5 minutes at 300°C/572°F heat, but the baking time depends greatly on the dough; what flour is used, how much liquid and sugar is used in the dough, and what toppings the pizza is baked with.

Ready to elevate your pizza game? We demonstrate and bake in the Pizza Vichinga oven at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg on March 8-12 and at GastroNord in Stockholm on April 9-11. Welcome!

Pizza Vichinga P402v P602v One Oven Two Temps 500°C 350°C Pizza Oven Sveba Dahlen
Pizza Vichinga Pizza Oven one oven two temps Sveba Dahlen Neapolitan pizza Classic pizza