AES – Automatic Evacuation System – for a more pleasant and safer working environment

Sveba Dahlen rack ovens can be equipped with the optional AES – Automatic Evacuation System. This entails that the oven fan is automatically activated along with an acoustic signal when baking is completed. Alternatively, you can choose to start the evacuation fan at the parameter level when the oven door is opened. Regardless of the preferred method, the purpose is the same – to prevent hot and humid air from the oven from spreading throughout the premises, creating a more pleasant and safer working environment. You can also specify the length of time the fan will be active. The default setting is 30 seconds.

What to keep in mind when choosing the type of evacuation function:

1. Start at end of baking time

Provides better evacuation, but due to the fan building up a higher negative pressure in the oven chamber, the door will be slightly difficult to open.

2. Starting at door opening

The reverse of the above, a little less evacuation, but it's easier to open the door as it's unaffected by negative pressure.

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