Better Surroundings

Reduced noise level. Improved working positions. Enhanced safety. Working conditions are uppermost in our minds when we design products.

A pleasant working day
Making sure that loaves, bread rolls and pizzas are as delicious as possible when they are baked using our products is naturally a cornerstone in our concept. But people who work with Sveba Dahlen are just as important to us. Our products seek to inspire, make work easier and contribute to pleasant, safe working conditions. In several respects we have provided better ergonomics, lowe noise levels and better surroundings for users of our products.

The effort is all in the products
It is not a secret that heavy lifting and uncomfortable working positions take their toll on the body. We constantly strive to help you exert your strenght as ergonimically as possible. Our bread product lines and mixers are good examples of this. They are under constant development to achieve the best possible ergonomics, which includes such things as gas dampers to make opening channels in dough rounders easier, and electric height adjustment of mixing bowls. As an alternative to electronics, integral dampening means bowls can be lowered without having to use a lever to control the sinkrate. In the case of deck ovens, there are push and pull spring dampers that make doors easy to open and close.

Stay cool
Keeping warm can be pleasant, but in the limited space of a kitchen or bakery it is easy for heat radiation from ovens to become uncomfortable. Insulating properties are important for more than just energy consumption. Heat-reflecting surface layers on oven door windows and cool handles help to create a pleasant, temperate working environment.

Stay safe
Safety is another extremely important factor in day-to-day work. We work from the bottom up and use dependable, top-quality materials and components from the market's leading suppliers. Door handles are designed to provide good grip and safe locking. Heavy-duty hinges with an integrated hold function that makes loading and unloading the oven easier are available as an option. And naturally, our ovens are tested and approved according to current international quality and safety standards.

Better surroundings