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BIC Scandinavia

Welcome to BIC Scandinavia!

Our showroom contains a complete bakery, as well as machines for foodservice. We offer you the opportunity to learn to use our machines and panels, to try out your own doughs in the machines, and to organize your own customized training for your employees using our machines.

At the Fristad Bakery Innovation Center, we have a full bakery and food service kitchen the following equipment. In Fristad, Sweden we have the full assortment available.

In the video to the right you can take a closer look at BIC Scandinavia and below you can see which equipment is available in BIC Scandinavia.


Sveba Dahlen AB
Industrivägen 8
SE-513 82 Fristad, Sweden.

Contact your Area Sales Manager or Sveba Academy for more info.

Sveba Dahlen

  • F-Series - F500 Proofer.
  • C-Series Electrical Rack Oven C150.
  • V-Series Electrical Rack Oven V40.
  • D-Series Deck Oven D32E with Liftmatic-G Oven Charger.
  • S-Series Combination Oven - SR120DS.
  • S-Series Combination Oven - SRDP120.
  • S-Series Combination Oven - SR240.
  • P-Series Pizza Oven P602 Beyond Black with 2 decks.
  • High Temp Pizza Oven P601-HT with 1 deck.
  • TP Tunnel Pizza Oven TP22.


Bread Line including:

  • Dough Divider SD180.
  • Conical Rounder CR400.
  • Intermediate Pocket Proofer IPP8/22.
  • Moulder MO300.
BIC Scandinavia Sveba Dahlen Ovens and Glimek Bread Line


  • Fire.
  • HhC2620.
  • Eco.
  • El Bandido Panini.
  • Double Batch.


  • Pizza Bench.
  • Retarder.
  • Freezer.
  • Proofer.


  • Escher M80.
  • Varimixer AR40 Pizza Execution.
  • Varimixer Kodiak 30L.
  • Varimixer Teddy.
  • Italmix Twin Arm Mixer.

Bakery Equipment

  • Mimac Suprema Maxx 450.
  • Daub BDA.
  • Bakon Jelly Easy.
  • Bakon Depositor BD5.
  • Rondo Dough Sheeter Econom 4000.
BIC Scandinavia Equipment Ovens Mixers Sveba Dahlen