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Here you find frequently asked questions and answers about deck ovens. Learn more about Sveba Dahlen's deck ovens and why you should choose a Sveba Dahlen oven for your bakery.


Why should I choose a deck oven from Sveba Dahlen?

When selecting a deck oven for your bakery, there are many factors to consider to get the most out of the oven. Probably your biggest requirement is that the baking results should be even across the entire deck and your pastries are baked evenly with the same quality and appearance batch after batch. That is, with the oven, you get a consistent and even heat distribution and thus have a reliable partner in the bakery.

With a deck oven from Sveba Dahlen, you get an oven that you can always feel secure with. Reliable operation, even baking results, and low energy consumption. The oven is tailored to your needs, and you can feel confident that we are on hand if you ever encounter any problems

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Depending on the quantity and type of product you're baking, you should consider which oven best suits your purpose. If you're unsure about which oven to choose, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Sveba Dahlen distributor, who are more than happy to assist you.

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Deck Oven

If you are an artisan baker who bakes rustic bread with a crispy crust and bottom, then a deck oven is the way to go. Our deck ovens use radiant heat, which gives the bread a more rustic character. You can produce moist products without the risk of drying out, as these ovens lack airflow. The baking time might be slightly longer in a deck oven compared to a rack oven. 

However, the deck oven has soft, even heat, equipped with dual temperature sensors and a radiation shield over the elements. If the deck oven is equipped with a stone hearth, it contributes to a crispy bottom and a nice rise of your bread. With Sveba Dahlen’s deck ovens, you can bake everything from coarse loaves and buns to patisserie products.

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Rack Oven

If you produce larger quantities of bread or require fast baking times and an efficient workflow, a rack oven is preferable. Sveba Dahlen’s rack ovens provide even baking results across the entire rack and offer more efficient and rational handling of the bread than baking in a deck oven. With fan speed control, you can lower the fan speed, which allows you to bake light and delicate products such as meringue and macarons, which otherwise are best suited for a deck oven.

What models of deck ovens are available to choose from?

Sveba Dahlen offers deck ovens of all sizes, ranging from single-deck ovens suitable for small cafés to wider and extra-deep oven models with up to five decks for large bakeries. Sveba Dahlen’s deck oven is modular, which means that you can expand your deck oven with additional decks if the need arises in your business. The maximum number of decks is five.


Sveba Dahlen Deck Oven and Working Environment

Sveba Dahlen’s deck ovens are made of robust materials with few moving parts and a stainless steel front that provides stability, good durability, a sleek finish, and easy cleaning. The ovens are ergonomically adapted to make the work as comfortable as possible for the baker. For instance, they have a low noise level and are designed with appropriately positioned doors, legs, and control panels. 

The oven doors are also equipped with a strong spring and sandblasted handles that remain cool during baking. The ovens have thick insulation that helps to retain heat inside the deck. This, along with the efficient heating system and fully welded oven chamber, results in low energy consumption and a comfortable working environment for the baker.

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Smart Features for Easier Daily Use

The oven has black legs with link wheels, two of which are lockable. The oven can easily be placed in the desired location and is simple to move when necessary, for example, when cleaning under or behind it.

Depending on how much and what type of final product you plan to bake, there are a variety of options available. For instance, transform your deck oven or individual deck into a stone oven with a stone hearth and steam, which is a must for stone oven-baked bread. Additionally, options like a condensation unit, steam hood, double-glazed oven door, higher oven chamber, high-temperature deck, SD Touch II control panel with touchscreen, clear menu options, smart recipe management, recipe recording, programmable weekly schedule, energy-saving features, as well as energy and cost graphs are available. The oven can also be equipped with a setter for quick and efficient loading and unloading.


Heating Elements, AC Guard, and Radiation Protection

The heating elements are placed inside the fully welded oven chambers and evenly regulate the top, bottom, and front heat. The oven is equipped with AC guard, which monitors and controls the power output. The deck oven is fitted with radiation protection, dual temperature sensors, and a turbo function, enabling it to quickly reach the desired baking temperature and bake evenly across the entire deck.

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Why is a solid-state relay beneficial

Our deck ovens are equipped with solid-state relays that allow the heat to be regulated in a very rapid and efficient manner. As a result, you quickly achieve an even and accurate temperature in the oven chamber. A solid-state relay leads to quieter operation without mechanical clicking and without moving parts. This increases the lifespan of the deck oven.

What are the benefits of having dual temperature sensors in each oven chamber?

With dual temperature sensors, the baking becomes more even from bread to bread across the entire deck. With sensors on both above and below the stone, the oven reacts and bakes more uniformly regardless of where you place the bread in the oven.

Why is it beneficial that the oven has AC guard?

Additionally, the oven is equipped with AC guard. This means that the oven can be connected to a lower fuse than what the oven actually requires. For instance, if an oven draws 45A and the bakery's fuse for the oven is 32A, then the fuse will trip quite immediately when the oven is running. In this case, there is an option to set the oven's parameters to never allow the full power of the oven to be used at once. The oven then prioritizes the power output according to a set priority. This way, you may not need to install new electrical wiring in spaces where it is difficult to do so in order to operate a larger oven.


How does the deck oven's AC guard work?

By activating the deck oven's AC guard, you can connect your multi-deck oven to a lower fuse than what the oven draws. This gives you the ability to set the oven to never allow the full power of the oven to be used simultaneously. The oven thus prioritizes the power output according to a set priority.

Here’s how it works:

The value is set to the same amperage as the bakery’s supplied fuse to the oven. If the oven’s power consumption exceeds this value, the deck whose temperature is closest to its target value is automatically disconnected temporarily by pulsing to save power. Note that the heating time becomes longer for those decks that do not prioritize heat."

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Good Overall Economy in Your Investment

There are many choices for your oven! Regardless of the choices you make, we can assure that the oven will perform at the highest level! The oven’s carefully selected components, robust materials, design, and low energy consumption all lead to good overall economy with low cost per bake, low service costs, and consistent, excellent baking results. It will be a central part of your bakery that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Why should I choose a stone oven from Sveba Dahlen?

Sveba Dahlen's stone ovens are used in many of Sweden's largest and most famous bakeries, baking with very good and even results, and they do so with low energy costs. Sveba Dahlen’s stone ovens produce large, airy breads with a nice crispy crust. 

The ovens’ heating elements are located in the oven chamber and provide a soft, even heat as they are equipped with radiation protection over the elements that protect the bread from burning. The radiant heat from the elements gives stone oven-baked bread a more rustic character. It can also produce moister bread as there is no air flow in the oven to dry out the bread.

Which oven is recommended for an artisan baker? 

If you are an artisan baker, the deck oven is the recommended baking oven for you. You get a good working environment, even baking, wonderful bread, and reliable operation for many years to come!

Why a stone hearth?

The stone hearth is specially made to provide even and rapid heat transfer, optimal heat retention, and short recovery time while maintaining thermal stability. The stone hearth contributes to a crispy bottom and ensures that the bread gets a nice rise. Equipping the oven with a stone also necessitates a high-capacity steam system. In this way, you bake the perfect stone oven-baked bread!


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What temperature zones are there in the deck oven?

Each oven chamber is equipped with dual temperature sensors and an automatic turbo function, which enables the oven to quickly reach the desired baking temperature and bake evenly across the entire deck. The oven chambers have three heat zones distributed over top heat, bottom heat, and front heat. This provides an optimal baking result and also quick recovery after the oven door has been opened.

What baking temperatures can I use in the separate decks?

Sveba Dahlen deck ovens are available in various widths and up to 5 decks, where you can combine decks with racks for trays with decks equipped with stone hearth. Decks with standard height and extra high decks, high-temperature decks with a maximum temperature of 350°C / 662°F, or standard decks with a maximum temperature of 330°C / 626°F are available. In Sveba Dahlen’s combination oven, the S-Series, the maximum baking temperature in the deck is 280°C / 536°F.


Why does the heat not leak out significantly?

The oven has heat-resistant insulation and fully welded oven chambers that retain the heat within the oven. The control panel's smart energy-saving mode lowers the oven temperature to a preset value when baking is not in progress. The automatic turbo function quickly heats up the oven after a resting period or an opened oven door. Furthermore, the deck oven is very quiet in operation, and the heavy insulation results in a cooler workplace with cool handles on the oven door.


What is controlled from the panel?

The control panels offer features such as a weekly schedule with automatic start and shutdown, and energy-saving function. With the SD Touch II panel, you get, among other things, a smart recording function for baking sequences, recipe management for consistent baking and quick start, energy and cost graphs, and more.

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