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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about rack ovens. Learn more about Sveba Dahlen's rack ovens and why you should choose a Sveba Dahlen oven for your bakery.


Why should I choose a Rack Oven from Sveba Dahlen? 

A rack oven is a good purchase for those who want a versatile and energy-efficient oven. With Sveba Dahlen's rack ovens, you bake all types of products with the best results. Optimized airflows deliver an even and fine baking result across the entire rack without drying out the baked product. All Sveba Dahlen rack ovens are equipped with smart features, are ergonomically designed, and have details that simplify baking and everyday life in the bakery.

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Who can buy an oven from Sveba Dahlen?

Sveba Dahlen’s rack ovens are available in sizes suitable for shops, cafes, and bakeries of all sizes, as well as for semi-industrial and industrial bakeries. Depending on the size of your business, there are four different rack oven models to choose from, all adapted to the bakery's volume. Sveba Dahlen has mini rack ovens with a fixed rack and large rack ovens with space for 1 – 4 rack trolleys. A common feature of all rack ovens are their flexibility, and you can basically bake any pastry in them, from delicate meringues to buns and loaves.


When should I choose a rack oven over a deck oven?

With a rack oven, the bakery's efficiency and volume of baked bread increase, and it also allows for more rational handling of the bread than with a stone oven. Baking times are shorter and temperatures are lower with a rack oven. Choose a rack oven if you need to bake many different types of products requiring shorter baking times and lower temperatures.

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What is the IBS - Increased Baking Surface System?

All Sveba Dahlen rack ovens are equipped with alternating rotation, IBS - Increased Baking Surface System. This means that the rack rotates in both directions during baking, so that all baking surfaces are equally reached by air streams, plus the baking surfaces on the product are expanded. A rack oven equipped with IBS offers shorter baking times, a more even baking result, and more cost-effective baking.


Loading and unloading the Sveba Dahlen Rack Oven

Loading and unloading are smooth thanks to smartly designed doors that remain open to reduce the risk of the baker getting burnt, and an automatic rotation stop that stops the rack in the right direction when baking is complete. Moreover, the ramps for loading and unloading are carefully designed to make the slope as minimal as possible, thereby making everyday life easier for the baker.

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Sveba Dahlen rack oven and work environment

The ovens are well-insulated and efficiently retain heat inside the oven. The exterior remains cool during baking, and this, along with details like the ergonomic handle design, the oven's low noise level, and the smart multi-holder with a magnetic mount for, for example, a knife and oven mitts on the front of the rack oven, contributes to an improved work environment.

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Smart control panel – for you, the environment, and the work environment

All rack ovens from Sveba Dahlen are equipped with the modern SD Touch II control panel with a touchscreen that assists you in your daily work. With the panel's weekly schedule, you set when the oven should start and turn off, as well as the temperature it should heat up to. This way, the oven is warm and ready to bake in as soon as you arrive at the bakery. With smart recipe management, you quickly access your favorite recipes, and with a click, you save your latest baking sequence. The energy-saving function saves energy, and with the energy and cost graph, you get full control over how much your baking costs.

Bake sensitive products with a rack oven from Sveba Dahlen

With Sveba Dahlen's rack ovens, you can even bake such sensitive products as meringues and macarons, which are usually baked in a deck oven, thanks to the fan speed control.


The temperature in a rack oven

The temperature in a Sveba Dahlen rack oven rises by about 10 degrees per minute. Its maximum temperature is 300°C.


What is a convection oven?

A convection oven is an oven that circulates hot air using fans. The method of moving hot air through currents leads to faster cooking at lower temperatures. Unlike many other convection ovens on the market, all of Sveba Dahlen's hot air ovens/rack ovens are equipped with alternating rotation of the rack. This rotation ensures that all surfaces are hit by the circulating air, and the baking surface is increased, resulting in more even baking across the entire rack. We call this IBS – Increased Baking Surface System. This not only leads to more even baking but also shorter baking times and more economical baking.

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Worldwide network of distributors

We have a worldwide network of distributors who will help you find the right rack oven for your business. Together, you look at your need for volume and the product to be baked each day, and then at which type of rack oven is best for your business. Sveba Dahlen offers service for all machines we sell, and you can be assured of help if the need for service and repair arises.

Sveba Dahlen worldwide network distributors


Depending on the quantity and type of product you're baking, you should consider which oven best suits your purpose. If you're unsure about which oven to choose, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Sveba Dahlen distributor, who are more than happy to assist you.

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Deck Oven

If you are an artisan baker who bakes rustic bread with a crispy crust and bottom, then a deck oven is the way to go. Our deck ovens use radiant heat, which gives the bread a more rustic character. You can produce moist products without the risk of drying out, as these ovens lack airflow. The baking time might be slightly longer in a deck oven compared to a rack oven. 

However, the deck oven has soft, even heat, equipped with dual temperature sensors and a radiation shield over the elements. If the deck oven is equipped with a stone hearth, it contributes to a crispy bottom and a nice rise of your bread. With Sveba Dahlen’s deck ovens, you can bake everything from coarse loaves and buns to patisserie products.

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Rack Oven

If you produce larger quantities of bread or require fast baking times and an efficient workflow, a rack oven is preferable. Sveba Dahlen’s rack ovens provide even baking results across the entire rack and offer more efficient and rational handling of the bread than baking in a deck oven. With fan speed control, you can lower the fan speed, which allows you to bake light and delicate products such as meringue and macarons, which otherwise are best suited for a deck oven.

How can a Sveba Dahlen Rack Oven help me to get more even baking results?

Sveba Dahlen's rack ovens are equipped with their own developed, patented IBS system for alternating rotation (Increased Baking Surface). By having the rotation alternately change direction, the products being baked are provided with equal amounts of heat on all sides. The IBS system results in faster, more even, and more energy-efficient baking. This will be noticeable both in the taste and in the cash register!

What advantages do I get with the Rack Oven's Slow Start function?

Sveba Dahlen's rack ovens are equipped with a slow start function that provides a gentler baking process as the rotation speed is lower at the start. This function makes it easier to bake more brittle and delicate pastries. The soft and gradually accelerating rotation of the rack trolley reduces the risk of sensitive products moving due to shocks, impacts, or vibrations. This feature is standard for Sveba Dahlen’s rack ovens in the V-Series and I-Series, and an additional option for the C-Series.

What advantages do I get with Sveba Dahlen's SD Touch II Panel for Rack Ovens?

Sveba Dahlen's user-friendly SD Touch II control panel for bakery ovens simplifies the baker's day and makes it more energy-efficient. The SD Touch II panel gives you complete control over the baking process, temperatures, times, and baking economy.

Some features include:

Weekly Schedule

The control panel has a convenient weekly schedule with automatic start and stop function. Set the desired temperature and day of the week, along with a start time, and the oven will be warm and ready to bake when you arrive at the bakery.

Record Baking Sequence 

During manual baking, you can choose to save the sequence as a recipe at the end. This allows you to easily reuse a perfect oven recipe with the correct settings over and over again.

Recipe Management 

Effortless recipe management that offers the creation of a new recipe with up to 8 different settings for temperature, steam, and dampers. Name the recipe and load a picture for extra clarity. Save favorite recipes for quick access.

Shop Mode 

With the oven's shop mode, the regular user can only access baking with pre-programmed recipes, ensuring that the oven settings for baking are exactly the same every time the recipe is used. This applies regardless of different personnel or different ovens and shops.

Cost and Energy Graph 

By entering your cost for electricity at 1000 kWh, you can follow the oven's energy consumption and energy costs with the cost and energy graph. See electricity consumption and cost per month, week, or day. You can also see the cost for a particular baking sequence at the end of it.

Energy Saving Mode and Energy Settings 

With the control panel's energy-saving mode, the temperature is lowered to a chosen minimum, the oven's dampers are closed, and the panel's backlight is dimmed when the oven has not been used for a specified time. The oven is reactivated by the user clicking on the screen. By using the eco-mode, the oven consumes up to 3 times less energy than when it is inactive.


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